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Any old thing I feel like talking about

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26 July
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Married to Kevin who I have been with since 2004. We have two cats, Edmon and Alex (generally referred to as Poofy because he is a large black ball of fluff) who are treated like they are our children (Edmon is particularly good at acting the part as well).

The Sims (original)
Post One

Previous Round of The Sims playing
A quick introduction to the project I mentioned I was going to be working on. : Newbie: Weeks One-Two : Weeks Three-Four : Weeks Five-Six : Weeks Seven-Eight

The Sims 2 (learning)
Things I would like to accomplish before installing The Sims 2 University
First Rotation: Davis : Second Rotation: Davis and Gindorf : Third Rotation: Davis : Gindorf : Stuart : Forth Rotation: Davis and Gindorf : Stuart and Yasadhara : Fifth Rotation: Davis and Gindorf : Stuart, Yasadhara, and Ovid : Sixth Rotation : Davis and Gindorf : Stuart and Yasadhara : Ovid and Taylor : Seventh Rotation: Davis and Gindorf

The Sims 2 (maxis mades)
While I wait for my podcasts I listen to to finish downloading...
Pleasantview: Day One - Lothario : Goth : Caliente : Broke : Dreamer : Pleasant

The Sims 2 (legacy)
Blossoming Hearts: The Suichi Vanderbilt Legacy : Prologue
Generation One : Chapter One : Chapter Two : Chapter Three : Chapter Four : Chapter Five : Chapter Six : Chapter Seven : Chapter Eight : Chapter Nine

Generation One Downloads: Suichi Vanderbilt : Goddess Vanessa : iliveforsleep : Kevin Sleep

The Sims 3: World Adventures (learning)
The Mraz and Bushwalla Hour: Episode One : Episode Two

Download Mraz and Bushwalla for your own Sims 3 game.

The Sims 3 (learning)
Star Trek: Sunset Valley
Featuring Wesley Crusher
Episode One : Episode Two : Episode Three : Episode Four

Recurve Strand Lot

The Sims 3 (maxis mades)
Crumplebottom Reloaded : Week One

The Sims 3 (legacy)
Beam Legacy: Week One : Weeks Two - Ten
*n sync, 3 doors down, a-ha, aaliyah, abba, ace of base, aeorsmith, agatha christie, alanis morissette, alica keys, annie lennox, aqua, b*witched, backstreet boys, barenaked ladies, bear mccreary, bejeweled, bell biv devoe, beyoncé, billy idol, billy joel, black eyed peas, boy george, boys ii men, brian mcknight, britney spears, bryan adams, bushwalla, carly simon, celine dion, cher, chicago, christina aguilera, clamp, craig david, creed, culture club, cyndi lauper, daniel bedingfield, darren hayes, def leppard, des*ree, digital underground, disney, dj sammy, duran duran, elton john, elvis presley, eminem, en vogue, enigma, enrique iglesias, eric clapton, eurythmics, evanescence, genesis, george michael, james blunt, jane austin, janet jackson, jason mraz, jennifer lopez, jimmy eat world, joey mcintyre, jonathan creek, journey, justin timberlake, kylie minogue, lenny kravitz, linkin park, madonna, mariah carey, mario galaxy, maroon 5, martin page, matchbox 20, michael jackson, midsomer murders, milla jovovich, nelly, nelly furtado, nickelback, nkotb, no doubt, oasis, p.m. dawn, phil collins, pink, poirot, prince, queen, richard marx, rick astley, ricky martin, rob thomas, robert palmer, roxxette, santana, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, shakespeare, shakira, shania twain, sheena easton, sheryl crow, simply red, sinead o'connor, spice girls, tears for fears, the fugees, the party, the sims, the sims 2, the sims 3, the sims castaway stories, the sims life stories, the sims pet stories, tlc, top gear, ub40, usher, wham!, whitney houston, wii fit, wii sports, wii sports resort, wil wheaton, will smith