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So I have decided to do posts for the individual items from the influenster box as the products are tested to keep the posts shorter and easier to find the information in.

The first thing tested is the Kiss Starter Kit: ever pro lashes in style 05

Before I begin I want to point out that I do not normally wear fake eye lashes, they have never been my thing and most of the time when I see people wearing them they look too obvious and I am more of a natural look kind of person at least when it comes to eye lashes. So please take everything I say with that in mind because people who are really in to fake lashes might love these and think they are great, but I haven't done a search to find out because this is supposed to just be my thoughts on this kit I received.

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A little while ago I signed up to a site called influenster.com/ because one of the YouTube people I follow had mentioned it and it is a totally free site that sends out samples of products for review instead of being contacted by individual companies to review things. So I thought to myself, well, I do post about nail polish so I will sign up even if the odds of me being selected are zero, because I really never expected to get an email saying I had been selected.

Low and behold, October 8th I got an email saying I had been pre-selected and needed to complete a survey, submit my blog again so they could check it (in theory someone from there does actually look at what I have posted so, hello and thank you to that person) and decide if I would qualify for the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox for 2012. Again, didn't actually think I would be selected because I just post about nail polish and I am not even that consistent with it but four days later I got another email saying I had been selected to receive the box with things to review. I received my VoxBox on about the 19th because that is when I got the email after checking in that I had received it and I have spent the last several days getting the pre-review pictures and text ready, I am sure the review is going to take even longer to type, but I am giving myself a month to complete everything because I thought that would be a good amount of time to test stuff.

The description of how I have reviewed things will come in the actual review posted, hopefully on November 30.

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So if you read my October 20th post you know that I was having some difficulties with applying my eye makeup as in, if I used a darker color it just got every where.  Well, I had decided that maybe the reason I was getting worse was because I have been using this kit for around two years now and the container is busted and doesn't seal properly and maybe it is time to retire this one, even thought the lip glosses/sticks and blush still work fine.  Then I was all, I'm just going to use it multiple times a day until it is used up because I can't throw away unfinished makeup and the blush and lip stuff is still totally fine.  So I pulled my everyday makeup box into the living room (I should probably move it into something that isn't a shoe box, like an actual makeup bag, I do have one) and under less than ideal lighting, started with the eye makeup because that is the only way to guarantee no eye shadow fallout for me, if I do the face part first, eye shadow all over the cheeks, so I now do the eye makeup first minus the mascara and low and beyond, it came out perfect and was the same three color look I was going for yesterday.  Now I am trying to decide if I should continue with my, I will use this up before 2013 goal or if I should just return to normal use.  I really want to get a z palette so I can take the pans out and put them in something that will actually close and let me get rid of this less than ideal container; although by the time I can get one I may be finished with this.

One thing that didn't work, or not the way I am used to it working, I started my new mascara today, this one from e.l.f. which is a brand I normally have good luck with, but I am not sure any mascara actually got on my lashes.  It is the Lengthening & Defining mascara and I have heard complaints about their products, it seems their stuff is really hit or miss, but it came in a kit that the other stuff from worked out really well for me when I tried it so I figured I would use this mascara next.  First off, when I pulled the brush out the thing that wipes off the excess mascara came out as well above the brush so none of the excess was wiped off so I had to put the brush back in and hold it on the container with my finger nails while pulling the brush back out.  I am guessing this tube is already dried out because once I started trying to apply it, my lashes did not appear to get any darker.  Now when I did look at my lashes were one eye had been done with the other without there was a hint of maybe the one I had applied to was darker than the one I hadn't but I am not really sure.  I am going to wait until a day when Kevin is home to try it again and see if he can tell a difference because I don't need my lashes to be super black, just a little darker than they already are so they are more obvious because they are already fairly long and have good volume.

As to the beauty post that will most likely be in two parts, because the third part would take a couple of years before I could actually do it provided my hair doesn't start making my scalp hurt again (yeah NIOXIN) and that just seems like a stupid long period of time to wait for the third part so it is basically going to be two parts with the second part coming in the beginning of December, maybe sooner, depending on how quickly I can do what I need to do to do everything properly.  Anyway, the part one pictures have been taken, but there is a lot of text to type and I am not the fastest typer anymore and I need to make sure I get everything right so I don't expect it to be up that quickly, but I am hoping before Halloween because I am excited about this and I really want to get started.
This post is going to be a two nail polish looks in one post again because I forgot to post the first one when it happened. What is also interesting is both of these looks are basically the same type of nail polish look even though they only share one polish in common.

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Is it possible to actually get worse at something the longer you practice? I know in general the more you practice something the better you get at it, but that does not seem to generally hold true with me and today was a very good example of that.

So as you may remember I use makeup as therapy to help my mood and give me something to do because there are a lot of hours in the day when I am home and Kevin is at work and even if I can't fill all of those hours with applying makeup, I do also like looking at makeup, especially eyeshadow and nail polish, which is probably why that is the bulk of what I have.

So today I decided to attempt an eye look with four different shades. This may seem like a lot to some people who read this and to others it may seem average; I have seen eye looks that took eight or more shades on YouTube, but after a while I do question how much you can really tell the different colors are there and would you really want to. Anyway, it was a purple look because I am wearing purple and purple is Kevin's favorite color and I thought if I could come up with something he would really like I might try that the next time we go out to eat for something special. It was actually a pretty basic look, mid purple on the lid, dark purple in the crease, light purple on the brow bone, and then it all went wrong when I was adding just a touch of black to the very end of the crease to "deepen it up" as most of the beauty people on YouTube seem to like to do. The right eye did okay, I could leave the house with it and not feel like people were laughing at me, but when I went for the left eye, thinking I actually had gotten less on the brush than the right eye because I had wanted less, I ended up with this large black smear that went right the way across my eye, over to my temple, and down some. I guess my coordination was trying to tell me I had already done too much.

So I washed it off and decided to go with a three color look that I have sort of made work in the past but three color looks typically don't work for me because I can never get the crease color to look right. And again, when I got to the crease it was like I completely covered my whole eye area with black (I was doing a classic smokey eye which is sliver, black, and a white or very light sliver).

So I washed that off and went with a two color look. These I sometimes do okay with; I tend to alternate between trying a dark color on the lid and the mid color in the crease and above or I will do the mid color on the lid and try and get a dark color in the crease, but with a very light application of it so you can hardly tell it is there. That is what I am currently wearing and in a brown duo, but lets just say if Kevin wants to leave the house this evening I am probably going to wash my face before we go.

Most of the time I just do one color looks and I have even been known to mess those up very badly. I don't even want to say how many tutorials I have watched on how to apply eyeshadow, some while putting the eyeshadow on to make sure I did it right and it almost never seems to come out. The one time it did, I emailed Kevin about it because I was so happy.

So now for the making it better part...

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I had planned to post this yesterday but was having one of my all day migraines yesterday and spent most of the day just trying to get over that. When the migraine did finally get low enough for me to be able to do much of anything, I wasn't thinking about posting a journal entry. So on with what was supposed to be yesterday's post, if my tenses get messed up, just know that the oops happened on Sunday with the plan to post it on Monday.

So on Saturday I painted my nails the beautiful red color I posted about on Sunday and as per my usual routine because even if the nails feel dry, sometimes the nails can still get messed up on things like bed sheets. On Sunday, after posting about the nail color I realized I still needed to apply the top coat, something I try to wait 24 hours to do, because when I apply top coat on the same day as applying the color I have had a problem with the color transferring on to the brush for the clear coat, but if I wait 24 hours I don't have that problem. Well...

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So this week, actually, this Thursday, will be Kevin and mine's 4th wedding anniversary! We have been together as a couple for over 8 years now and are quickly approaching that point where we will have been married longer than we knew each other before getting married.

So for our anniversary I decided I wanted to dress up and do super nice makeup/nails even if all we do is sit on the floor of the living room and have dinner/watch a movie, because I want to look nice for Kevin on our anniversary. Because of a lucky twist of fate I had been able to get a nice (and very cheap) fancy dress for our anniversary so it was just figuring out what makeup to wear and what nail polish to go with it. I knew what I wanted to do, it is a very classic look and one in my Kevyn Aucoin book Making Faces and it is probably the simplest look in the book, but I also find it to be one of the hardest to do because it involves a red lip and red is one of those colors that can be difficult to find exactly the right one for your skin tone because not all reds look good on all people.

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So I am going to start with a health update because there is actually something new to say and for a change it is good.

So, I don't know if anyone remembers, but I have been having to shave my head every month for the last two years due to scalp pain that got to the point of making me vomit if my hair was left for more than 30 days. A couple of months ago I was watching a video on YouTube by AllThatGlitters21 because I like her videos and I am trying to win a purse I know I have no chance of actually winning, but it is about the possibility more than actually winning for me. So the video was on her Everyday Hair Products and normally I don't watch hair videos because I don't have any hair to do anything with, but I want to try and win a purse so I watched it and she talked about a new conditioner she has been using called NIOXON (specific version of it) and the way she described it, I thought to myself, maybe this could help me. I showed the video to Kevin and he had the same thought and started searching for it. By the time we had a bottle my head had been freshly shaved again so we started with a fresh scalp. I told Kevin that if I didn't have to shave my head for two months I would write her a thank you letter.

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So after getting some feed back from reader and my husband, I'm going to move on to SimCity 3000. In some ways this is good because I was not getting anywhere with the challenges in SimCity and I played the heck out of SimCity 2000 and SimTower when they were out as new, but SimCity 3000 didn't get as much love I think because it came out in 1999 and I graduated from college in 2000 so for its first whole year and a couple months I probably wasn't playing it (I did summer course as well) and then I was working so I only had two days a week and The Sims came out in 2000 as well which I got right after college and was glued to for, well, however long it was, I played the heck out of that game as well, but I am looking forward to replaying it because I always played it the same way all of the time and there is more than one way to play The Sims where as SimCity games have slightly less flexibility.

I'm nervous about moving on to SimCity 3000 because I am not as familiar with it, but I have two guides, which may or may not be useful to me, but I will do my best to go through them and come up with a set of goals to post before I actually start playing so it may be a while before the next post because this takes a while to prep for this and it is a much bigger game.

While you wait for the next post I have found the loading video on YouTube which I have included with this post for your enjoyment.

Side Note: This video does not scale very well, even when working with the original file but the game itself looks fine. Just hoping I can play the game in windowed mode so I can do screen shots because I don't know yet if there is a camera in the this game and there are things I want to get screen shots of that a camera wouldn't take anyway.

Second Side Note: Now I get to figure out a new icon!!
And surprised me with a shiny new computer for our anniversary, a little early. It is wonderful and stuff in The Sims 3 looks beautiful and sharper than I ever expected possible; basically, I love it.

The only downside is that it doesn't want to even install SimCity, SimCity 2000, or SimTower and I am conflicted, because I really wanted to play those games through and posting pictures of them and the different challenges in the games and just how hard it is to win at SimTower (I have never gotten the thing that goes at the top of the tower). It has accepted SimCity 3000 and the game as run so I am going to try getting The Sims (original game in there as well) in the deluxe version because the base game alone would not even install on XP (new computer is running Windows 7). The old computer is still functioning, mostly, and sitting in the back bedroom and he has said if I want to keep using it I can back there. It if had just been SimCity I would have said that I have shown enough and moved on to SimCity 2000, no big deal, but to not be able to show any of two whole games, is something that is hard for me to accept, so I am doing my first poll and asking what you, my blog reader would like to see.

Poll #1866068 What should I do: SimCity and up or SimCity 3000 and up
This poll is closed.

Would you prefer to see me attempt to finish SimCity and go through SimCity 2000 and SimTower on my old PC or just drop those three and start with playing SimCity 3000

Finish Playing SimCity on the old computer, finish the project and then move to new computer
Finish Playing SimCity, then SimCity 2000, and finally SimTower on old computer, it's what you originally setup to do
Start Playing SimCity 3000, shiny new computer time :-)

Any suggestions on how to make the older games work on a Windows 7 computer, beyond capability mode since I have already tried that, would be appreciated as it would make it easier for me to keep playing (couch is nice than chair in back room). The error that I was getting was about how the game was not a high enough bit game, needs to be either 32 or 64 depending on the computer specs it said. I don't know how to fool it into thinking it is which ever one it wants it to be.