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Third Rotation: Davis

We are back with the third rotation of pictures. I am breaking this in to three entries because the first and third houses had several pictures and I didn't want the page to take too long to load.

Day 7: Virgon Maxed Knowledge but I missed the picture. If you can see behind him there is an ambulance, apparently he was just demoted, not fired.

Marshall got promoted to Field Researcher.

Virgon got promoted to Paramedic, again.

Day 8: I now know why people love these things (by the end of the three days there were four used ones in the lawn area. I guess I will have to delete them eventually.

I have decided Marsha will be moving in with Virgon and Marshall, mainly because the next highest relationship was Brandi LeTourneau and that was 3/3. I had Marshall give Marsha a call to boost their relationship more before he called her in the evening to get her to move in.

Yeah; better car finally.

Virgon maxed Cleaning.

Because Virgon was doing so well and because he rolled the want for it, I let him hire a maid, we got Kaylynn.

Oh my goodness, someone Virgon actually gets along with. Maybe he will marry Kaylynn and Marsha will act as Marshall's child from a mother unknown.

Marshall calling over Marsha.

Marsha moves in and is also a Virgo (9/2/6/3/5, which is the default spread). I am thinking about making her Popularity when she ages to teen, but we will see what kind of wants she rolls first.

Day 9: Awww, Virgon is reading to Marsha.

Marshall got promoted to Science Teacher.

And then Marshall helps his daughter Marsha with her homework.

She is going to be a very spoiled child if you cannot tell. She also has the teddy bear dressed in a bunny outfit to the left but unseen.

Since there are now three of them and the couch is not that big I got them a dinning table.

I accidentally went a little into day 10. I had to hire a nanny because both of the guys now start before Marsha leaves for school. She is only here for two hours in the morning fortunately. We got Calista.
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