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This is perhaps the easiest home for me to play as far as Don is concerned because he is punished with alien pregnancy for each Sim he WooHoos. This does not mean that I will withhold WooHoo from him, it just means he usually has lots of green children.

The suggested method of play as per the Prima guide is to invite Nina over, WooHoo her, send her home. Then invite Dina over, get her to fall in love with Don, and then WooHoo her. Somewhere in there you are supposed to hire a maid, but you have to be careful because Don has already WooHooed one of them.

Don to camera: "Hello, I am the reincarnation of Don Juan de Marco. Just like Buddha, Don Juan always returns. I am everything you ever desired in a man."

Don to camera: "The ladies always come over when I call."

Don to Nina (on phone): "Hey baby, why don't you come over, I am making a sensual stew in my new hot tub. The recipe calls for meat and melons; I got the meat, I just need your melons, so what do you say."

Nina to Don: "Oh Donny baby, I'm so glad you invited me over."

Don to camera: "Don always gets the ladies."

Don to Nina: "Come on baby, lets start cooking."

Nina: *giggles*

Don to Nina: "We make beautiful stew together, so we should cook again another day. Next time we shall make dessert."

Don to camera: "Perfection like this is not easy to keep, but it makes getting the ladies easy."

Don to Dina: "I am not a religious man, but I clearly you are angel."

Dina to Don: "Don't think your smooth talking will get your way with me."

Don to Dina: "My angel, let me savor what God has given you and once we are in my bed I will share with you my gift from God."

Dina to Don: "Oooohh my, lead the way."

Don to Dina: "Soon you will screaming God's name"

Dina to Don: "God has given you gift and it feels wonderful"

*Please pretend she is still in her black dress, she jumped in the hot tub while Don was on the bed with Dina*

Cassandra to Don: "How could you? We are engaged or did you forget that."

Don to Cassandra: "Cassy, baby, I am just perfecting my skills so I can make our wedding night perfection."

Don to camera: "Sometimes you have to go against every fiber of your being to get the WooHoo."

Cassandra to Don: "I don't think so; I should have listened to Darren when he said you were no good."

Don to camera: "That never happens; I have never not gotten the lady before. I'm going to go up to the roof to think."

Don to camera: "Maybe I can distract myself from this awful failure by spying on Nina and Dina changing into their 'sleepwear.'"

Don to camera: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Don to camera: "This cannot be happening!"

Don to camera: "Aliens in-pregnant men! I'm too perfect to have kids!"

Don to camera: "This day started so well, what went wrong?"

And this is how I always play Don on the first day. Ever since I first read the Prima Guide method of play I have always disliked Don's planned life and what he is supposed to do. I don't do this with every Romance Sim (I actually like Nina), just Don.

The next time we are in Pleasantview we will be visiting the Goth family home. Don't worry, we will come back around to Don and see how he is doing later. If you would like to see some bonus pictures, please see the Don Lothario Day One gallery starting with the link provided.

*giggle* Meat and melons.

I really like your way of playing Don, it is exactly what he deserves. Poor Cassandra tough, she looks so sad in that picture in your gallery.

Aaaaand now I had better do what I turned the computer on to do. ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Don't worry too much about Cassandra, she is going to be well taken care of :-)

Aww man, that last picture made me lol so hard!
That was a good read. =P

Hehe, stew..

Hello Remi,

Thank you for reading the story and I am glad you enjoyed it. The abduction pictures came out really well this time, I took about 50 pausing the game once a second so I selected the best ones from the lot.
I usually do the same thing, but I usually forget to press pause. So I end up with heaps of really good, practically useless pictures =[

That or they blink.. Perfect expressions but with eyes closed..


(Thanks for friending me btw)
That was interesting. What a punishment...abduction resulting in green alien babies for every woohoo! I would never have thought of getting him abducted.
I figure the abductions are his punishments for hurting Cassandra and the little green babies are my reward for letting him live.

When I learned you could boolprop an abduction I knew that is what I wanted to do with him. I know you can boolprop an alien pregnancy without the abduction, but then where is the lesson learned (and it makes the album more interesting). I do wonder if he will ever figure it out.