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Two days of 30 minute playing later and we have Second Rotation for Driftwood, my neighborhood I am currently using to better learn The Sims 2.

It is the second rotation and a new home has been dropped into the neighborhood. This is the Just Right 2BR 1BA home in the Lot Bin and only costs $13,575. It is not as cheap as Virgon and Marshall Davis' home, but still plenty of money left over for whatever its new owner will need.

The home comes with a complete bathroom and an almost complete kitchen, it just needs a refrigerator.

The new owner wanted a bookcase, a telescope (on the back deck you can't really see), and the refrigerator. I also added a couch to make it easier to study for this Sim.

We will meet the new neighbor soon, but now, back to the Davis house.

Day 4: Virgon is off to his first day of work and is still rather tired since he stargazed until 2 am last night.

He looks like he is saying, "I hope you have a job for Marshall in there," to the news paper deliver.

Unfortunately, still no job for Marshall.

Marshall got a call from Marsha and I am still determined to get her into the house once I have finished playing them for a couple of weeks. I might pretend like they adopted her or I may just age her up and see what happens next between the two. So far neither Marshall nor Virgon have shown any interest in any women so this may be the best way to carry on their family if there are no little green babies.

Day 5: Marshall finally got a job in Science and will now start adding to the family bank account.

Virgon got a promotion because he was platinum when he went to work. The only problem is now his work hours match up with the alien searching hours so hopefully he will get another promotion soon.

I have never used the Ecletic and Enigmatic Energizer before and since Virgon is platinum and has the night off.

That worked really well.

Marshall was in gold (nearly platinum) and so in to the Energizer he went as well.

Day 6: Marshall's first day of work.

Virgon has spotted the new neighbor with the telescope.

Virgon: "I was not spying on you, I was enjoying the garden across the road"

I don't think Caprica bought it.

Marshall got a promotion on his first day of work without being platinum but since he used the Energizer again right before work I guess it put him in a good enough mood.

Virgon lost his job due to a bad chance card. Unfortunately the current newspaper did not have the medical job in it so I guess he will have to wait for the job to come up again.

On the up side, more telescope in the evening time!

So when it came time to start this rotation, I took my 20D and rolled a 4 which means I am still in the Knowledge Aspiration on my list.

Day 1: Now to meet the new neighbor, Caprica Gindorf. He is a Capricorn Knowledge Sim and basically lives next door to the Davis'. He is named after the Caprica colony on BSG.

Caprica is going to be getting a job in Culinary, unfortunately one does not appear in the paper today.

Caprica is the first Knowledge Sim I have had (that I can think of) that actually wanted a Maid (see want panel). Normally the Fortune Sims want a Maid, but everyone else doesn't really care. If after his first week he is still rolling the want for one, I'll probably let him hire one.

Day 2: There must be something wrong with Caprica. He has 4 Outgoing points but but his social is dropping like a rock. It was fully red at the end of the first day and I did have him talk to Benjamin Long from the Welcome Wagon. I ended up sending him to Grabbe InnaGoe District where he locked on to Marisa as soon has he got out of the cab. Low and behold, she likes him, I have never had Marisa get along with a Sim before so this was a surprise.

Once Marisa left I sent Caprica to play with the pinball machine to work on his fun score which is now also red (of course, he has 8 Playful so this is not a surprise).

Ivy Copur begins chatting up Caprica and she seems to like him as well. Now I have a dilemma, who do I try and set Caprica up with, Marisa or Ivy?

I finally send him back home and he passes out in the doorway. That looks like it probably hurt. After a nap in bed he got back up in a good enough mood to find his job in Culinary.

Day 3: I had him call Marisa before work in order to get his Social back up. I swear Social is falling faster than Fun and his is not that Outgoing.

Caprica's first day of work.


No promotion, but he came home stinky. I had him take a shower and even after his hygiene was fully green he was still spewing green gas. I have had this happen before, cannot remember how I fixed it, changed clothing I think.

I finally added a couple of neighborhood decorations, this time the ship and hang gliding decorations. What you cannot see is the hang glider, which was placed in the water. I think it looks pretty and what is also cool is the green plumbobs reflect in the water when you get them at the right angle.

And that is the end of the Second Rotation. When I realized how many photos I was taking in game I realized I needed to be a bit more selective about what I uploaded since Live Journal only gives 1 Gig of space for free and I could fill that quickly. I am hoping to keep each update to less that 2 MG of photos so that I can post many updates before I need to start finding another source or start paying for Live Journal. I'm currently at 20.28 MB so I still have a ways to go, but that was after reducing the file size of all of the Cat pictures and the Sims 3 pictures (apparently The Sims 3 game takes photos at a much larger size than The Sims 2).

I am hoping to keep each update to two homes so that the picture count doesn't get too high and it doesn't take too long to load since all of the photos are loading on the page at once.
Why not use an image hosting site like Photobucket?
I have been considering Photobucket. For now, since I am still a long way from reaching the limits of the LiveJournal account I will stick with it, I am just being more aware of how large some of the image files are that I was uploading.