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The first roll of the dice resulted in an 18, which land us on a Knowledge Virgo who should get a job in Medicine with a bonus Sim getting a job in Science.

The low resolution image of Virgon and Marshall Davis before I realized I had not set the file size for images in the game.


I decided to use the Lot Bin homes for now until I have a better idea of what "flows" well in the game. I did add the fence and telescope to the side of the house.

As you can see Virgon and Marshall are already inside studying away. When they first walked on to the lot they started rolling the exact same wants, Buy a Bookcase, Buy a Refrigerator, and Buy a Telescope costing at least $500 (I upgraded just in case I will be lucky and get an alien baby from one of them). Then, all they cared about was skilling and so long as they studied the same skills their wants always remained the same.

Day 1: Virgon is the one on the right and Marshall is the one on the left. Yes, I made them identical twins with one exception, Marshall has the purple eyes Kevin and I made. When I made them I wasn't too concerned about what they wore, but now I am thinking I might find Marshall some different pants. I know I am trying to use everything in the game (even clothing) but it should at least look like it is supposed to go together.

They are both Knowledge and they are both Virgos with the Same points spread.

If you see dark blue eyes it is Virgon. Virgon is the list Sim for this dice roll so he will be getting the Medicine career track.

Virgon is named after the BSG name for the colony associated with Virgo in the 2003 series. I thought Knowledge Sims would probably be sci-fi geeks as well. The Davis part of the name is for Geena Davis who is an actress and a Mensa member, I am sure both Virgon and Marshall would love to join Mensa some day.

If you see purple eyes it is Marshall. Marshall is the bonus Sim so he will be getting the Science career track as it is also ideal for a Knowledge Sim who happens to be a Virgo.

Marshall is named for a BSG character who is from Virgon. I can't tell you much about him right now, but if I remember, I will try and look up the page I found about him earlier again.

Yeah, the news paper is here, someone go find their job.

Since Virgon is the list Sim, he gets to check first. Unfortunately, nothing even remotely close to what we are looking for.

While Virgon looks for a job, Marshall went platinum (I love Knowledge Sims).

By this time it was 3:00 pm and they hadn't eaten yet. They have been studying Cleaning instead of Cooking so I decided Lunchmeat sandwiches was safer than something from the stove.

While Marshall was making lunch, Virgon managed to go platinum as well.

I made them siblings in CAS but they did not come with a very good relationship. Marshall likes his brother, but Virgon has a negative relationship with Marshall; I have never seen that before. Apparently the only interest they have in common is Work, I foresee some magazine purchases in the future.

I just realized I missed the Welcome Wagon completely (probably got the notification at the same time one of them earned a skill point) and now we are ignoring Melissa Fancey.

Skill points go up...

...and up...

...and up. After 5 Cleaning skill points they finally rolled the want for Cooking skill points so I switched in order to help avoid fires in the future.

While they were skilling I was looking at the book case and started noticing the pictures. Why can't you learn logic from the bookcase, that is obviously an astronomy book up there and astronomy is very logical.

This would be one of the trashy novels they are all so fond of reading.

I just liked the picture of the boat on water (I wish we could have really boats in game)

That looks like a real picture on the cover, not just some pixelated Sim image.

Okay, enough of the bookcase, I cannot work cameraman mode well enough to get to the bottom two shelves yet.

Virgon just figured out that they had been studying all day. I told him that if he would just roll the want for something fun I would be happy to buy it for them (they still have over $4,000 in the bank.)

As an aside, it is now 12:50 am on Tuesday for our little Sims when he finally figured this out.

They had not rolled wants for beds yet so I went ahead and got them some. Since they will most likely not be bringing the ladies (or guys) home right way, I went with two single beds (they are still no where near friends).

Marshall didn't get bored, he just nearly fell asleep standing up. He managed to keep skilling until 2:20 am.

Day 2: Still no luck with the job, both of them have their fun score completely red so once they have eaten they will be going to a community lot because the bookcase takes too long to raise fun.

Making sure they only talk about Work has helped the relationship a little bit, at least now Virgon doesn't have negative points for Marshall. It will probably be a few days before they become friends.

Virgon decides to read while waiting for Marshall to finish eating.

I find it really funny when Sims do this. Virgon is in the living room/kitchen/dinning room and he is worried about Marshall seeing his diary. If he had just sat in the empty second bedroom this wouldn't be a problem.

This was just kind of creepy. Anyway, off to the community lot.

I downloaded Grabbe InnaGoe District by MaxoidMoonBelly to use for this neighborhood (which by the way is the Driftwood template; Alpinloch was just too hard to build on for my very limited skills) while I get a better idea of what works and what doesn't work.

I don't usually download anything from the exchange or anywhere else, but since it was made by a Maxoid, I consider it as if it were part of the games original content.

Marshall went straight for the pinball machine.

Virgon just made me sad by starring at the magazines (particularly the ones with girls on them). I didn't know browsing the magazine rack built fun.

Marshall started talking to Marsha and oh my goodness, I think he might have to "adopt" her somehow.

Marshall, Marsha, get it.

I didn't know Sims could kneel while browsing the magazine stand. I am learning so much from this.

I just realized MaxoidMoonBelly used a MoveObjects cheat on this to get them to overlap like that.

Once the arcade room got too full Marshall decides to go to the grocery store on the lot and browse the oranges.

Okay, Virgon needs a friend really bad, he looks so sad.

I am starting to think that the personality points do not completely control the Sim will behave and how they respond to things. Marshall has meet several people and is gaining relationship quickly. Virgon has meet Brandi, talked to her for a while and still has 0/0. I am hoping that is not a glitch because he is very slowly building points with Marshall, but it is really slow.

Also, Marshall seems much more playful than Virgon. Marshall kept splashing Virgon and Virgon kept doing...

...angry pointy finger. Virgon is back to negative relationship points towards Marshall.

Marshall decided to make some hamburgers and does it perfectly I might add.

Something else I downloaded from The Sims 2 exchange, all of the Maxoid made clothing that worked with The Sims 2 only.

Surfer Bunny Swim Trunks AM by MaxoidMoonBelly, I just thought they were cute.

Refreshed and back home, they went back to skilling.

Virgon decided to finally roll the want for something different from his brother (a logic point) so I let him stargaze the night way.

Come on aliens, I know this is earlier than I "wanted" a pregnancy, but I wouldn't mind an alien one and they are both Knowledge so neither one of them would mind.

Day 3: Looking for a job again and low and behold, Medicine showed up. Since that is the job for Virgon and not Marshall he needs the paper next.

Virgon gets the Medicine job and now all we need to wait for is Day 4

Virgon is still craving logic point and since no one else lives here yet, I let him look through the telescope during the day.

I am pretty sure there is no on in the Military in this neighborhood yet unless that is a Townie going to his/her job.

I just thought this was a funny face.

Grabbe InnaGoe District as seen from neighborhood view.

Ranch Retreat 2 BR 1 BA from neighborhood view.


Curious how Marshall is so much more playful in his behavior than Virgon. Marshall is just much more of a child, which would explain why he gets on so well with Marsha.