Short post today because it is very bright outside and I need to keep the curtains open for solar heating my home.

I think the desktop may finally have been shorted out.  The blue screen I was getting had to do with a driver being out of date so all of them were updated.  Then windows media player decided that it was the default player for SimCity 3000 when I went in to test it so I had to uninstall SimCity 3000 and tell the computer to not auto run anything, and then reinstall SimCity 3000; so far that seems to have fixed all remaining problems.

I played a test city while trying to make sure everything is working and I am terrible at this game; I do not seem to be able to get out of the red at all.  I am still trying to figure out my list of goals for the game since I am realizing how bad I am at this, but hopefully by next Tuesday, once I finish the Prima guide and have a better idea what I am doing wrong, I will be able to post something.

Did test the Maybelline BB cream, review is in the process of being written up.