I'm going to be trying to post once a week, could be on makeup, SimCity/Sims stuff, or just whatever pops in my head, but I am trying to be more consistent with the posting.

For today's post, Computer is still crashing to the blue screen if it is on for more than a few minutes.  I thought I had figured it out with changing the compatibility mode on the SimCity 3000, but then it crashed in the current version of PowerPoint.  I am not going to post my plans for SimCity 3000 play until I know the computer is going to be fixed, so hopefully next week as Thursday/Friday Kevin is going  to be on the phone with the company he bought it from because it has a three year warranty and a life time tech support warranty.

Makeup wise, my e.l.f. eyeshadow primer may have actually stopped working, but then again I have had it for over six months and these kinds of products do dry out.  All I know is when I tried some other eyeshadows they all creased and oddly it seemed to start happening on January 1st.  Currently testing it with an eyeshadow that I didn't have a creasing problem on before so that I know if it is really the primer or just the new eyeshadow is not that good.  Hoping it is just the primer has dried out because one of the eyeshadows I had a problem with was from Cover Girl (bought at the dollar store, but still, that is supposed to be decent makeup).  I also have a Maybelline BB Cream sample to test and review but that will have to wait for a day when I know my head is going to last the whole day, so may be a while, but I am specifically waiting to be able to review that since I said I would when I requested it.

Still working on my paper cranes, although because of hand pain I generally only manage two a day when I remember, which sadly is not that often.  Speaking of pain my arms are starting to feel sharp stabby pain so this is going to end before I intended, but just know that I am still certain that I will get past whatever is causing the migraines and other pains that I have been dealing, just not happening as quickly as I would have liked.