This post is being written over the course of whatever moments of time I can actually stand the screen to type so if this skips parts please accept my apologies, I tried to prevent that if possible.

Not too long ago I posted about the original makeup kit Kevin got me the day after Christmas two years ago and I have probably mentioned my love/frustration relationship with it. The overriding emotion is one of I love it, because it is makeup and I think it cost $5 on clearance at Wal-Mart so I felt okay with using it, much more so than the very limited amount of makeup that I unearthed from my original collection of things I had before meeting Kevin. You see, for me the more expensive something is the less likely I am to use it because I know it is not likely to be replaced, at least not easily; Kevin has since given me a makeup allowance so I will be able to plan out what new things I would like and will also allow me to set some aside for replacing what I have used up that I feel is worth replacing (most likely it will all be new stuff because most of the stuff comes from the Dollar store and probably will never be found again).

This makeup kit is/was great to start with and immediately helped my mood because it gave me something I could do on the days when computer screens and tv screens are too much for me to handle. It does require some level of light, but I would sit, with a dim lamp on, on the floor of the bedroom and just touch the eyeshadows even if I wasn't able to actually apply them because while I also found my old brushes, my coordination is rather hit of miss and some days it is just safer not to attempt that. This kit is made by Markwin, the company behind Wet N Wild, a very good and very inexpensive makeup line and this was surprisingly good for the price and amount included. The only thing that was needed to make it better was the e.l.f shadow primer that was found this year to finally stop the eyeshadow creasing problem I have with all eyeshadows.

The frustration actually came much later as a result of the top tray falling out of the container from being opened and closed so often. I would occasionally be able to get it to snap back in, but it always popped back out a couple minutes later. By this time I knew there were empty containers you could get and things in pans could be removed from their original packaging and put into these empty palettes and for the last several months I have been trying to get one to end the frustration and then MAC came out with one and I asked Kevin if we could go to the store and see if it was worth it (they are $18 which is cheaper than the one I had originally been looking at but still two months worth of makeup money for me and it isn't even makeup). Now, I have no MAC makeup, I don't plan on buying any MAC makeup, it just cost more than I think makeup for my current purposes needs to cost, maybe if I was able to work and was getting makeup to wear to work I would have a different opinion, but most likely not, I have always tended to favor going with the cheaper option when available. I have no problem with MAC and their pricing, what I do have a problem with is some of the rabid MAC fans on YouTube. Now not everyone who uses MAC is like this, but when I see someone do a tutorial or a review on something they thought was worth purchasing from any company other than MAC and then there are several comments on the video about how the person wasted their money because MAC is so much better and the only makeup worth buying, it actually makes me less likely to want to have anything to do with MAC makeup because I don't want to be like those people and it kind of seems like they have become the cult of MAC which I have actually heard people refer to it as. So the night I asked Kevin about going to see this palette at MAC, I actually had a nightmare about going to MAC, woke Kevin up in the middle of the night and told him I didn't want to go see it anymore, seriously, that is how bad it was. In the end we went anyway, but they were out of them so I was all, oh well, it wasn't meant to be, not going to keep returning to get something that isn't essential (even if my makeup was slowly starting to show signs of going bad because the box no longer closed all the way).

Then Kevin surprised me with two of them he ordered from the MAC website. How he knew to get two instead of just one I don't know, because while I had only asked about getting one, I did think it would be good to eventually get a second so that cream products could be kept away from the powder ones to help keep the cream colors cleaner and less muddy looking. That night I decided to go ahead and do the transferring of makeup without following the instructions I had seen many times about how to depot makeup. I really messed up taking several large chunks out of all of the lip glosses and eyeshadows I attempted. Fortunately Kevin was able to save all but one blush by taking over the process for me after watching a video on how to do it. I actually got rather upset about the blush for a while because I cannot stand wasting anything so Kevin took me for a drive to distract me.

Then I set myself a goal of using up the remaining eyeshadows and lip glosses that had made it into the palettes by New Years; a pretty lofty goal considering I had been using this for almost two years and only a small percentage of the eyeshadows actually showed any signs that it was being used even though it was all being used, guess I just have a really light touch when it comes to how I apply eyeshadows and blushes. So I started just putting on eyeshadow repeatedly over the course of the day, applying and then washing off, and then reapplying and rewashing off, and on and on. If it was a day I couldn't apply I would sit with the powder palette and just rub my fingers in the eyeshadow and then rub them on to my hands or arms, as if I needed to see the true color of them better. So as I sat on the floor furiously trying to rub eyeshadow all up and down my arms but still not really denting the powder in the pans because I can't bring myself to pick up too much at once (seriously, light hand the whole way) and I realized I must be really ready to just move on and let this stuff go if I am actually willing to waste it the way I was right then. But now it is a palette and what I want to use next isn't even in a real container and needs to be moved into the palette that is currently full; part of why I wanted to use the old stuff up was so I could start the new year with new makeup. I had a dilemma, for me anyway, probably would have been easier for most people; do I continue trying to actually use of the makeup, or just get rid of it. Then, an eyeshadow broke, wasn't even trying to, but the next color that I went to put on my arm complete shattered when I touched it, and I wasn't even upset about it, wasn't happy, but wasn't upset. So I gently pulled the pan out and threw it away. This broke another shadow because most of them had been pretty damaged in my initial attempt at ripping them from the container and so I threw that one away. Then I just started pulling them all out and throwing them away because I realized I wasn't feeling the guilt I normally feel when throwing something away, especially when that something was a gift, Kevin knew I used the thing all the time and loved it, he also knew that it had been slowly trying to die for the last several months on its own so I decided he probably wouldn't be upset (he wasn't).

Then I pulled out my makeup drawer of things to use next.

Makeup kits to use:

The two clear plastic trays were what I wanted to put in the palettes next, while they don't include a blush I do have blush in the fan looking palette behind it and my goal for 2013 is to alternate between the two and get more used to using more than one makeup thing at a time. Both of these where bought a few days after the original kit when Kevin realized how much my mood was improving from the addition of makeup in my life so they are just about as old as what I was using but had never been opened. The large flat eyeshadow thing was bought last year I think, not 100% sure on that, but I know it was well after the other two things. All of this stuff is from Markwin, I don't even want to know how many individual holiday kits they release a year, because then I would probably want to find them all, I love makeup in kits and palettes and while these may be a little lower in pigmentation than their Wet N Wild line, I have never been disappointed with the quality because honestly, I don't want my eyes lids to actually look green, just have a hint of green on them when I use that shadow.

I figured because the clear plastic trays are flimsy and cutable with scissors that the makeup would be much easier to pull out and basically I was right, I only lost one eyeshadow in the process, the sliver one that goes with the white and black, but I have silver in the fan one as well as other grays so I didn't let it bother me as much as it normally would. This also had more eyeshadow than the original kit because there were 24 different colors (23 in the end because of the silver breaking) and the range of colors available was also broader. The only thing it really lacked was a pink selection. It has some pinkish purples, but they still look more purple than pink which is another reason for alternating with the fan thing that on its own has a pretty good selection of eyeshadows and lip glosses. Really, between the two kits I could only find one possible overlap and it wasn't even the black (the one in the clear plastic has blue and pink glitter in it, the one in the fan palette has clear shimmers in it) so I feel like these will be good to work with and have already been enjoying using them. The eyeshadows are not the highest pigmented eyeshadows you will ever find, but I have two eyeliners that where broken when I got them (yay Dollar Tree) and don't really work as eyeliner because they are too dry, but work really well as eyeshadow bases and are in light pink and a light gray/purple so they work pretty well for most of the colors in these two kits if I want to make the eyeshadow color more vibrant.

New palette powder products (eyeshadows):

I did clean the bottom of the palette after taking out the old shadows before putting in the new ones but for some reason it just never wanted to look clean in the photos. I can seriously spend an hour just looking at this palette because it is so pretty; after I finished making it the next two days were spent just looking at it, I don't think I did anything else, or at least I don't remember doing anything else.

New palette cream products (lip gloss, cream highlighter, and cream eyeliner):

The cream highlighters (other than the black one I have no idea how I am going to use) are basically glitter bombs that will probably spend more time being viewed on the back of my hands than on my face, but should be fun to play with in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. The cream liners on the far right side are going to be my first experience with those and personally I would rather start with something like this than an expensive one and cry because it takes the entire container worth of product over the course of several months practicing before I get it on correctly so I am glad they were included in this kit. The lip glosses are nice and if I use an EOS lip balm under them they actually show more like a lipstick but still retain moisture so that is how I often use them.

In the end, I think I made the right decision when I finally decided to get rid of the original kit's makeup because I knew that until it was gone there was no way I would be able to truly move on and use other stuff that I have. I am hoping that by doing this it will also help me to use other things I have, like the large eyeshadow palette in the earlier photo, more quickly than I would have if I only moved on to the next product when the first one was fully finished.