This was supposed to be a two product review but we forgot to use the last thing this past weekend (Kevin has Thursday and Friday's off) so I decided to go ahead and get this up before I forgot how it worked.

So the purpose of Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream is to help with keeping your hair from getting frizzy.  This time both Kevin and I used the product because he occasionally complains that his hair is frizzy and mine is just barely long enough to show frizz (1 1/2 inches, measured that morning).  So we both started the day with a shower, toweled dried hair as much as it would and then both took a pea sized amount of the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream and then our paths of how it was used diverged.

My use: I rubbed my hands together and then as vigorously as I could, rubbed the product into my hair trying to get it as evenly spread as possible.  My hair was left to air dry and over the course of the day I checked for frizz and greasy looking hair, I saw neither so I considered it a success.  If you have longer hair you may need to use a little more, but I would avoid using much more to begin with until you have slowly figured out what is the right amount because as Kevin found, if not used correctly, not as desirable in its results.

My husband: May have rubbed his hands together, but then he just rubbed the product over the top of his head (the only thing Kevin ever uses on his hair besides Shampoo is hair spray and while I told him how to apply it, I don't think he realized just how much you needed to work it in).  Later in the day I asked how it was going and he said it was stiff and like hair spray because he could feel where it was on his hair.  I told him I didn't have that problem and he admitted he probably hadn't put on his hair correctly.

Lesson of the story, you really do need to rub it in well, maybe even take a comb or brush and work it in that way before it dries because if you don't get it fully rubbed in, it will look like you sprayed too much hair spray on your head.

Also should mention this has a very strong smell of coconut, which didn't surprise me given the description on the bottle saying it was infused with coconut, so if you don't like that smell you might want to skip it.  If you don't know what coconut smells like, go down the suntan lotion isle at your local drugstore and take a large whiff of the air, generally speaking that is the smell I associate with coconut and is exactly what this smelled like.  Once it was in my hair I didn't smell it, but my hair is too short to come anywhere near my nose so I can't speak to how much the sent actually stays in the hair.

Would I buy this?  Well, I do plan to continue using the product, once my hair is longer and shows frizz more.  If I cannot find a conditioner that combats the frizz my hair shows once it is long enough to really show it and I have run out of my sample and I can find it in a local store, yes, I would buy it; $6 for a 4oz bottle doesn't sound like a bad price to me, and you don't need a lot to keep the frizz at bay.  And yes, I know that last sentence is very poorly structured but I seriously cannot think of how to write it so it makes more sense.

Just a note about what is left of the Influenster Beauty Box reviews: There will not be a full review of the Bath & Body Works candle because I am allergic to them and I gave it to Kevin parents. They did say they liked it and it was a lighter scent than they expected, but it was nice.  The Goody Spin Pin won't be used until my hair is much longer so probably not for a couple of years.  I really want to use this and for it to work because I have frequently put my hair in a bun when my hair was much longer and had to use a full package of Bobby Pins to keep it up, only to find that half had fallen out over the course of the day and never to be seen again.  The EBoost drink may be reviewed by Kevin because I am super picky on tastes of food and I don't actually like the ways oranges tastes so this has to be done on a day when Kevin is home so that if I can't drink it, he can.  I didn't get either of the other two products listed on the card so obviously, no review will be done for those.