So I have decided to do posts for the individual items from the influenster box as the products are tested to keep the posts shorter and easier to find the information in.

The first thing tested is the Kiss Starter Kit: ever pro lashes in style 05

Before I begin I want to point out that I do not normally wear fake eye lashes, they have never been my thing and most of the time when I see people wearing them they look too obvious and I am more of a natural look kind of person at least when it comes to eye lashes. So please take everything I say with that in mind because people who are really in to fake lashes might love these and think they are great, but I haven't done a search to find out because this is supposed to just be my thoughts on this kit I received.

So the first question I had to ask myself was, can I even get the eyelashes on? Yes, although the applicator supplied ended up not being helpful at getting them placed next to my lash line, but was instead only used to help squeeze the real and fake lashes together which is useful, just not as the directions instructed. It was not an easy application and if I had been wearing eye shadow or eyeliner, it most likely would have been messed up. Also, if I waited for the glue to get tacky as instructed it adhered to the first part of the lid it touched and I was having to adjust so I ended up placing as soon as the glue was added so I could adjust the lash down some so it would be right next to the natural lash line, again, not really following the instructions, because I have only done this a handful of times and really have not developed the putting fake lashes on skill yet.

Initial impressions: I would never wear these out of the house unless as part of a costume. They are longer than I could imagine natural lashes could be and much thicker as well. They feel rather heavy and I am not sure this is something I could get used to. To be more specific on the length, I have heavily tweezed brows because I have spars brow hairs, but a very wide actual brow if I let it fully grow back in, if my brows weren't so tweezed to make them look more clean and nicely shaped, the lashes probably would have touched the brow hairs.

Husband's opinion when I asked him what he thought of the lashes: "I don't think you need it. Makes the eyes more dramatic. I think you have decent natural lashes."

How long did they last: 6 1/2 hours, not because of a problem with glue, but because I could just never get used to the weight, they were also rubbing my glasses and that was causing them to feel like they were falling even though they were still perfectly in place when I checked the mirror repeatedly.  I did try to make sure I didn't actually touch the lashes once they were on, not sure how they would have lasted if I had actually been messing with them the whole time.

Final thoughts: Would I buy these? Not likely, maybe if it had been a more natural looking pair of lashes that weren't so heavy, but even my e.l.f. eye lashes which are lighter and shorter still feel uncomfortable on my eyelids and the only reason I have them is because they came in an eye kit Kevin got for me and in the middle of the night when I am bored but need to do quiet things because Kevin is sleeping, playing with fake lashes is kind of fun (the first time I tried applying them I was laughing so hard I actually woke Kevin up, which is hard to do, especially since I was at the other end of the house from him). I really did try to wear these until the glue gave out but the rubbing on the glasses is probably what made them the most irritating to me; I would not recommend these for people with glasses for that very reason. If you are someone who doesn't wear glasses and you are used to wearing fake lashes, the glue did hold really well for the 6 1/2 hours it was on and didn't appear at all close to giving out despite the friction from the glasses. Since I only have two pairs of fake lashes I can't really give much opinion on the weight of them and if that is higher than normal or around average, I just know for the few times I have worn fake lashes, that was one thing I have not been able to get used to yet and as someone who loves band-aids because I tended to cut my legs when shaving I would not have thought the sensation would last as long as it did because I usually can't feel the band-aids after a few minutes but I am sure eye lids are more sensitive than skin on the legs.  Will I use them again?  They will probably go into my middle of the night fun pile with the other fake lashes and the purple glitter eyeliner I have.  I do like playing with makeup that I would never wear out of the house because it makes me laugh and the whole reason I wear makeup is to help distract me from the pain and mental fogging days so even if they may never be my kind of thing to wear normally, I am still glad that I have them and thankful for the opportunity to try them out.