So if you read my October 20th post you know that I was having some difficulties with applying my eye makeup as in, if I used a darker color it just got every where.  Well, I had decided that maybe the reason I was getting worse was because I have been using this kit for around two years now and the container is busted and doesn't seal properly and maybe it is time to retire this one, even thought the lip glosses/sticks and blush still work fine.  Then I was all, I'm just going to use it multiple times a day until it is used up because I can't throw away unfinished makeup and the blush and lip stuff is still totally fine.  So I pulled my everyday makeup box into the living room (I should probably move it into something that isn't a shoe box, like an actual makeup bag, I do have one) and under less than ideal lighting, started with the eye makeup because that is the only way to guarantee no eye shadow fallout for me, if I do the face part first, eye shadow all over the cheeks, so I now do the eye makeup first minus the mascara and low and beyond, it came out perfect and was the same three color look I was going for yesterday.  Now I am trying to decide if I should continue with my, I will use this up before 2013 goal or if I should just return to normal use.  I really want to get a z palette so I can take the pans out and put them in something that will actually close and let me get rid of this less than ideal container; although by the time I can get one I may be finished with this.

One thing that didn't work, or not the way I am used to it working, I started my new mascara today, this one from e.l.f. which is a brand I normally have good luck with, but I am not sure any mascara actually got on my lashes.  It is the Lengthening & Defining mascara and I have heard complaints about their products, it seems their stuff is really hit or miss, but it came in a kit that the other stuff from worked out really well for me when I tried it so I figured I would use this mascara next.  First off, when I pulled the brush out the thing that wipes off the excess mascara came out as well above the brush so none of the excess was wiped off so I had to put the brush back in and hold it on the container with my finger nails while pulling the brush back out.  I am guessing this tube is already dried out because once I started trying to apply it, my lashes did not appear to get any darker.  Now when I did look at my lashes were one eye had been done with the other without there was a hint of maybe the one I had applied to was darker than the one I hadn't but I am not really sure.  I am going to wait until a day when Kevin is home to try it again and see if he can tell a difference because I don't need my lashes to be super black, just a little darker than they already are so they are more obvious because they are already fairly long and have good volume.

As to the beauty post that will most likely be in two parts, because the third part would take a couple of years before I could actually do it provided my hair doesn't start making my scalp hurt again (yeah NIOXIN) and that just seems like a stupid long period of time to wait for the third part so it is basically going to be two parts with the second part coming in the beginning of December, maybe sooner, depending on how quickly I can do what I need to do to do everything properly.  Anyway, the part one pictures have been taken, but there is a lot of text to type and I am not the fastest typer anymore and I need to make sure I get everything right so I don't expect it to be up that quickly, but I am hoping before Halloween because I am excited about this and I really want to get started.