This post is going to be a two nail polish looks in one post again because I forgot to post the first one when it happened. What is also interesting is both of these looks are basically the same type of nail polish look even though they only share one polish in common.

First nail look…

This particular nail look grew over the course of the two days I was working on it starting off with just the purple and blue/gray base colors. On the second day when I was adding my top coat I just couldn't leave it alone and added the stars and then topped that off with the glitter. I also decided to see if two of my glitter polishes that look the same in the bottle were actually the same. Turns out they are, bottles shown in the next picture.

Polishes used are (in left to right order):
Wet N Wild's Wet Shine in Rain Check
Wet N Wild's Wet Shine in Wild Card
Wet N Wild's Fergie collection in Hollywood Walk of Fame
Wet N Wild's Wet Shine in Hallucinate
L.A. Colors polish doesn't actually have a name on the bottle

Normally when I use the star polish the stars start popping off in one or two days using a regular clear coat. This time instead of using a clear coat on top of the star polish I used the Hallucinate glitter polish because I have noticed it is kind of thick (in order to keep the glitter suspended in the base) and thought it might work better and any excuse for more glitter is okay by me. This time only one star peeled off and I think that was more my fault than the polish's fault because I kept poking at the polish to see if they would come off; the rest stayed put for the whole week that I wore this.

This could have gone two weeks I think but knowing me because it happens almost every time, especially when I get a new nail polish, I completely removed it because something new had come into my collection that I had been wanting since June and thought had completely eluded me.

My original plan for this week and had been an orange duo, one cream the other glitter, but when I tried the cream orange it was very sheer and even after five coats I could still see the line on the nail where the nail goes from pink to white. I still plan on figuring out how to make this work and will post about it later if/when I do get it figured out.

These stars are different, they are all sliver instead of multi-colored and had originally been released with the Wet N Wild's Sparks & Stripes promotion. It was the only one of the polishes from that set that we had not been able to find and the one I wanted most because round glitter polishes are easy to find, star glitter polishes are much more rare and as soon as I had found out about it several ideas for looks that could be made with it popped into my head. Kevin must have visited a couple dozen different drugstores in the area trying to find that polish, but alas, we were too late. It had been released in May and apparently they don't restock these things once they run out and I am sure it was the first one to go in all of the stores. It has been re-released with their Party Rocks collection for Christmas/New Years and CVS was doing a buy-one-get-one so Kevin got me two when he managed to find some. He also got me a few other Wet N Wild polishes because of the buy-one-get-one sale, which is unfortunately over now, but hopefully they will do another one soon because the Wet Shines are only a $1 normally so that drops it to 50 cents a bottle if you get two of those.

Polishes used are (in left to right order):
Revlon's Moon Candy in Galactic (just the dark blue base)
Wet N Wild's Wet Shine in Hallucinate
Wet N Wild's fast dry in The Star of the Show

I would like to mention that it took three tries to get the base color to go on correctly and about two days to get the stain from it off my hands. I am probably going to have to keep this on until it completely grows out from my nail bed to minimize the staining problem that happened the last time I used this. The bottle is over a third of the way empty, nearly half gone, but it has only been worn twice and I think it is just because of how difficult this stuff is to apply that it will run out quickly and part of why I don't intend to wear it that often. While watching a YouTube video of someone describing another nail polish where they said it had a rubbery consistency, I think this is the best way to describe this polish. The first coat never looks good, the second coat generally does. It actually dries really quickly, but that can be a problem on the first coat as the second and third brush stroke pull the polish around from the first brush stroke. Fortunately the flakey bit of this polish which wasn't used in this look is what makes it truly special and so whenever I run out of the blue base color I will look for a new dark blue color, preferably in a different formula because the flakey bit goes on just fine and in one coat.

24 hours later I applied several layers of top coat to keep the blue from bleeding into the star polish and the glitter polish as seen in these pictures below, each representing a layer of top coat that was applied

Once it got to the point that I could barely see any blue coming off on the tissue when I cleaned the brush, I knew it would be safe to do the stars and glitter polishes. So far I have not had this problem with the Wet N Wild polishes, but I still make sure to clean the brush off after each nail on a tissue, just in case because while it may only be $2 a bottle, that is still $2 I do not want to waste.

Once I was satisfied everything would be okay I added the stars, waited a while, and then did the glitter top coat. Originally the stars were only supposed to be on the index finger, but I managed to make a small dent in the polish on the thumb so I added stars to that one to cover it up because I didn't want to have to start over again to fix it. I had tried to add the glitter polish on more thinly than how it actually came out because I was trying to make it look like the night sky with a few really bright stars and then several little stars (i.e. the glitter) but this is actually a really dense glitter polish and that is only one coat. While I don't think this glitter would ever completely coat the entire nail when used as a top coat it does cover a good bit of the base color. It has been a few days and so far the stars are staying on just fine as again. I am going to be looking for a thicker clear top coat for when I use the stars because as Kevin mentioned when I asked him what he thought, it is just a little too much with how dense the glitter top coat is with the large stars.

Also, I finished a mascara as of today. Well, I didn't actually finish it but I have been using it for six months and apparently that is as long as you can have one open, but there is totally still some mascara in there, but I am going to toss it anyway.

I am working on a two or three part beauty post that will have the first part going up in a couple of day hopefully and the second part about a month later if all goes well. All will be explained in the first part of the post.