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Is it possible to actually get worse at something the longer you practice? I know in general the more you practice something the better you get at it, but that does not seem to generally hold true with me and today was a very good example of that.

So as you may remember I use makeup as therapy to help my mood and give me something to do because there are a lot of hours in the day when I am home and Kevin is at work and even if I can't fill all of those hours with applying makeup, I do also like looking at makeup, especially eyeshadow and nail polish, which is probably why that is the bulk of what I have.

So today I decided to attempt an eye look with four different shades. This may seem like a lot to some people who read this and to others it may seem average; I have seen eye looks that took eight or more shades on YouTube, but after a while I do question how much you can really tell the different colors are there and would you really want to. Anyway, it was a purple look because I am wearing purple and purple is Kevin's favorite color and I thought if I could come up with something he would really like I might try that the next time we go out to eat for something special. It was actually a pretty basic look, mid purple on the lid, dark purple in the crease, light purple on the brow bone, and then it all went wrong when I was adding just a touch of black to the very end of the crease to "deepen it up" as most of the beauty people on YouTube seem to like to do. The right eye did okay, I could leave the house with it and not feel like people were laughing at me, but when I went for the left eye, thinking I actually had gotten less on the brush than the right eye because I had wanted less, I ended up with this large black smear that went right the way across my eye, over to my temple, and down some. I guess my coordination was trying to tell me I had already done too much.

So I washed it off and decided to go with a three color look that I have sort of made work in the past but three color looks typically don't work for me because I can never get the crease color to look right. And again, when I got to the crease it was like I completely covered my whole eye area with black (I was doing a classic smokey eye which is sliver, black, and a white or very light sliver).

So I washed that off and went with a two color look. These I sometimes do okay with; I tend to alternate between trying a dark color on the lid and the mid color in the crease and above or I will do the mid color on the lid and try and get a dark color in the crease, but with a very light application of it so you can hardly tell it is there. That is what I am currently wearing and in a brown duo, but lets just say if Kevin wants to leave the house this evening I am probably going to wash my face before we go.

Most of the time I just do one color looks and I have even been known to mess those up very badly. I don't even want to say how many tutorials I have watched on how to apply eyeshadow, some while putting the eyeshadow on to make sure I did it right and it almost never seems to come out. The one time it did, I emailed Kevin about it because I was so happy.

So now for the making it better part...

This lovely kitty is Poofy, when I came into the bedroom the other day I found him like this trying to sleep with his head on my doll's leg. According to Kevin this is not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time I have seen it and so I made sure to get a picture. Isn't he cute. The doll was given to me by my grandparents on my dad's side at a time when I was smaller than the doll and apparently I used to sleep on it as a toddler. I love that doll.

And when I turned around I saw Edmon attempting to sleep. Just a reminder, he is a three legged cat with the missing leg being one of his hind legs, which is visible in this picture. But he doesn't let the lack of a leg get him down or stop him from doing anything, granted we do try to make sure that things are setup so he can get up on them when he wants to, but I am sure he believes he would be able to do it all on his own if we hadn't.  And yes, that is a Hello Kitty doll in the upper left hand corner.

As a last minute edition, Edmon is currently grooming my head for me, something he often likes to do to make it better for me, that and I am getting a headache which is when he normally does this.

Provided I get the last picture I need from Kevin, I am hoping to have a nail polish post up tomorrow or Monday.  This one will be extra long so it will most likely be Monday.
Hello! I always find your makeup posts really interesting, as I'm a bit of a cosmetic addict myself. I have roughly six million pots of nail varnish, and three makeup bags and a drawer of assorted lipsticks, foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, and pencils. I'm terrible at any kind of eye makeup because my eyes are slightly hooded, meaning that even if I manage to create a nice look, it gets immediately hidden against the low skin above it, and smears terribly. So I understand your annoyance at seeing YouTube tutorials but never being able to recreate the look myself! On my eyes now I generally stick to a tiny sweep of eyeliner in the top outer corner, a line below my eye, and some gentle brown or grey eyeshadow on the lid. Seems to work well, as I'm more into lipstick at the moment! Nails are SO much more satisfying, aren't they?

I love your cats, although Poofy looks like the grumpiest cat in the world! Hilarious, seeing as he's snuggled up to your doll. :D Edmon is also cute, I love the lighter markings around his eyes and tummy, really sweet.

I hope you have more luck with future makeup techniques!
Guess Poofy does look a little grumpy there doesn't he, probably because I was awaking him up when I took the picture. He is actually a very sweet, although nervous cat. Kevin and I are the only two who see him (minus the vet who I know he wishes wouldn't see him either) because he is so scared of everyone and takes a long time to get used to new things. But he starts purring the instant he is near either one of us so we know he thinks we are okay. Edmon is an attention hog himself and if anyone comes over he is there to inspect them and then beg for food.

I also have hooded eyes, to the point where you can only see the eyeliner if I use that when my eyes are open. I use eye primer from Elf to stop the eyeshadow from creasing or moving around on me in an unwanted way so if you aren't already using an eye primer you might want to give it a try. I tend to favore the eyeshadow and the nail polish myself because the more colorful something is the more I tend to like it; Kevin always says I have two favorite colors, yellow and rainbow. I think the only makeup thing I haven't gone a little crazy for is blush because my face is naturally very flushed because I have very pale and very thin skin so it shows red on the cheeks and temples all of the time.

Thank you for the comment, glad you enjoy the makeup posts.