I had planned to post this yesterday but was having one of my all day migraines yesterday and spent most of the day just trying to get over that. When the migraine did finally get low enough for me to be able to do much of anything, I wasn't thinking about posting a journal entry. So on with what was supposed to be yesterday's post, if my tenses get messed up, just know that the oops happened on Sunday with the plan to post it on Monday.

So on Saturday I painted my nails the beautiful red color I posted about on Sunday and as per my usual routine because even if the nails feel dry, sometimes the nails can still get messed up on things like bed sheets. On Sunday, after posting about the nail color I realized I still needed to apply the top coat, something I try to wait 24 hours to do, because when I apply top coat on the same day as applying the color I have had a problem with the color transferring on to the brush for the clear coat, but if I wait 24 hours I don't have that problem. Well...

As you can see, it didn't work like it normally does this time and for whatever reason I had forgotten to use a paper towel to wipe the brush after each nail before putting the brush back in the bottle to get more clear coat. I am just glad that I was using this bottle and not the new bottle that I had seriously considered opening because when I had been using this polish as a base coat for the red I had noticed it was getting a little thick and wasn't applying as smoothly. I am also glad I didn't use my more expensive top coat that says it will prevent chipping for over a week or something like that because it would have ruined it and I have only used it a couple of times when I have done something special with my nails.

I do find it funny that the most expensive nail polish I own is the one that caused this problem and I will just have to try and remember in the future that if I use the OPI polishes I probably shouldn't use a top coat or the brush has to be cleaned off after each nail. Just glad the bottle was nearly empty and was close to the point of me being ready to toss it.

Just realized I have also forgotten to mention I used up another lip gloss probably two weeks ago. It was two or three weeks after I finished the first one and is from the same company, was the same size, only difference is that it was red, but it was also very sheer so it didn't look at bright red on my lips as it did in the tube. No picture of this one, I am not sure posting pictures of trash is really necessary every time, although that makeup kit I am still working on will get a picture whenever it is completed because I am still working on finishing it and it may be the end of next year before the top try has been cleared and I don't even want to think how long the blushes are going to take.

I am also trying to use other makeup besides just what was in that kit for eyeshadow because I have to admit, I envy people who can have lots of different brands of makeup and mix them on their face each morning using different things before whatever they used the day before has run out. I do okay with the lip products compared to the eyeshadow, I have a small selection of lip glosses in my purse that I use depending on what color clothing I am wearing, so I haven't seen that as a problem. But I have had a hard time opening new eyeshadows to use because the way my brain works, you are supposed to finish the one you are working on before you move on to the next one. I think the only reason the lip glosses haven't been as big of a problem is because the lip glosses in the kit are in a pan and not a tube so it is not something you can just throw in your purse and go with so it was easier for me to convince myself to do that, although I do keep the selection kind of small in the purse; there is a bronze color, a light pink/peach color, and a red color, so that I have something that should go with whatever I am wearing at the time.

My head is now starting to hurt again so I think I have reached the limit for today.