So this week, actually, this Thursday, will be Kevin and mine's 4th wedding anniversary! We have been together as a couple for over 8 years now and are quickly approaching that point where we will have been married longer than we knew each other before getting married.

So for our anniversary I decided I wanted to dress up and do super nice makeup/nails even if all we do is sit on the floor of the living room and have dinner/watch a movie, because I want to look nice for Kevin on our anniversary. Because of a lucky twist of fate I had been able to get a nice (and very cheap) fancy dress for our anniversary so it was just figuring out what makeup to wear and what nail polish to go with it. I knew what I wanted to do, it is a very classic look and one in my Kevyn Aucoin book Making Faces and it is probably the simplest look in the book, but I also find it to be one of the hardest to do because it involves a red lip and red is one of those colors that can be difficult to find exactly the right one for your skin tone because not all reds look good on all people.

I have always liked red lipstick, it is something that at least consciously started developing when I watched one of the red carpet things, around the time of Lord of the Rings movies coming out, I haven't watched any since so that has to be it, and I saw all of these actresses with these perfectly filled, beautiful red lips and immediately started buying every shade and type of red I could find and none of them really suited me so I eventually gave up. When the makeup love was rediscovered the hunt for the perfect red for my skin began again and the results were rather unexpected. Yes, I now have several reds that don't really work with my skin, at least, Kevin isn't a fan of them, but I also have several reds that at least work enough the Kevin doesn't look at me funny when I wear them, but the first red that I got wasn't for my lips but my nails and it turns out that was the one I should have been looking for all along.

When we got this polish I had a grand total of three nail polishes, all from my mom, and I was still working on learning how to apply them without getting them all over my hands. Six months later, this is the first time I have actually applied this color because it seemed the perfect shade of red to go with my fancy dress, and I still got it all over my hands, but at least it comes off the skin pretty easily so that is all good. This is an OPI nail polish, one of only three that were actually paid full price for (the others we found for a $1 a bottle on clearance one time so I grabbed one of every color I could find that didn't look like it had completely separated, I think it was like six or seven bottles in total, but these are normally $8.50 a bottle so it was worth it to me even if I didn't think it was a shade I would wear everyday, these are high end nail polishes and that is not something I am going to be able to get everyday). This particular color is an exclusive to Merle Norman color called Hussy, and before you say anything about the name of the color, please visit this link to the Merle Norman website explaining the history of Hussy. For those that didn't follow the link the color is the same color as a car that was once owned by a man with the unfortunate last name of Hussey and the shortened name on the license plate was Hussy, so that is what the car is called and the shade of red is the same color as what is on the car. It is not meant as a description of the type of person who would wear the color.

I also have the matching lip pencil which was bought later when I told Kevin it was something I wanted (not thinking he would find a Merle Norman store and take me that day to get one) to eventually get since it is a special color and I really like the nail polish and when I hold the bottle it seemed to go well again my skin.  So for our anniversary I am going to be wearing the lip color and I have already applied the nail polish to both my fingers and toes and hopefully it will survive to Friday, the day after the anniversary.

What the picture does not show very well is the level of glitter/shimmer that is in this polish.  You can kind of see it in the bottle, but in real life when under direct light, there are tiny sparkles all over my nails which I will probably be spending the whole week staring at because it is beautiful.  It kind of makes me think of Dorothy's ruby red slippers in the Wizard of Oz and if you have been reading any of these makeup posts you probably already know I love glitter and this one is probably my favorite nail polish.  The other thing this polish does is make everything else I wear and do, feel expensive.  I am sitting here in my pajamas with bright red nails and the bright red lip color one, no other makeup, hair is sticking up at odd angles because it is still less than an inch long so it is never laying flat after sleep, but I feel like it still looks expensive and well put together.  I doubt anyone else would feel that way, but that is okay because I like it and it makes me happy, and since Kevin also seems to like it and he is the only other person whose opinion about my appearance I consider, it is all good to me.

This will probably not be a frequently worn polish because I do only have the one bottle and I am not sure how long the production run is going to be, but it will be my fancy dress polish any time fancy dress is called for, and probably even when it is not but I just feel like dressing fancy.