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This will probably be a low text post because I have having problems with typing (you don't even want to know how many words I miss-spelled in the first pass).

Purple on my left hand with my wedding ring because Kevin's favorite color is purple.

Yellow on my right hand because Yellow is my favorite color.

I don't normally show the base/top coat, but I have been getting chipping even with the good base and top coat which I think is happening because of the glitter, so I decided to just use the clear coat from Wet N Wild for a while and lay off the glitter and see how it goes.

The purple is one of the three polishes sent to me by my mom when I told her I was going to try using makeup to help with my medical problems.  It is about half empty and is starting to get thick so I have asked Kevin if we could get a bottle of nail polish thinner so I can continue to use it.
I'm not sure which colour I prefer, both hands look good. I think I'd be spending a lot of time, intertwining my fingers just to look at them. I think I really like that both hands are different.
Thank you :-)