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August 29, 2012: Nails and tee-shirt

Starting with the tee-shirt:

We saw this shirt in a Daiso Japan store two or three weeks ago, really can't remember, but they didn't have it in the right size. When we went to the one that had the "lame" eyeshadow, they had it in the right size so Kevin got it for me. I unfortunately forgot to post it or didn't think it was appropriate with a post laughing at the text of an unfortunately named eyeshadow trio. Anyway, in case the text is too small, the shirt reads: at the top "life is full of up and down" and then at the bottom it says, "never give up" with the slightly angry looking Daruma Doll in the middle. The Daruma Doll is supposed to be a good luck charm and if you read the wiki page portion about the shape it is very symbolic about over coming adversity/misfortune so we are hoping it will help with my health issues (we have several of the actual dolls in the house now as well).

And now for the Nail Polish:

These two polishes came to me at different times and from different manufactures, but I thought they looked like they would go well together. The Wet N Wild tiny polish is from a summer kit Kevin got for me a while ago and what I did my "rainbow" nails polish with (the purple was on my toes so there wasn't a picture of it) and is called FuchsaiRama (I think all of the polishes in the current fast dry line are named after tv shows). I had to apply this polish to all ten figures three different times until I finally managed to not smudge them and then it ended up using three coats, not because it isn't dense enough, but for some reason I just kept applying the polish so the bottle is already about a 1/3 of the way used up, but that just lets you know even with a tiny bottle you can still get several uses. Interesting note about this polish, it is the first one I used that looked dull before the shinny top coat was applied. I almost let it go without so I could show the dullness, but I like shinny and without top coats my nails tend to chip by the next morning so, shinny top coat was applied. I do have a bottle of a matte nail hardener that can also be used as a top coat and was just thinking that might actually be nice on top of nudish/pinkish colors that are very pale to almost look like you aren't wearing a polish. I will have to try that one of these days, when I remember; by the way, the matte hardener came in a duo pack with the shinny hardener I am currently using and that is the only reason I have it.

The L.A. Colors bottle Kevin got for me on Saturday when a new Dollar Tree store opened and he correctly assumed that it would be better stocked and organized since it was just barely opened. The color name was on the hang tag package, but is not on the bottle itself and I can't really tell based on their website, but it is a purple/fuchsia glitter. Not knowing how densely it would actually apply the glitter and putting it on in a somewhat darkened room I ended up using three coats of the glitter just to make sure it was all fully covered although I probably could have gotten away with just one coat, but since all of my experiences have been with large glitter that doesn't cover well or glitter so tiny you can only see it when the light hits it, I guess that kind of makes up for it. I applied it on top of the fuchsiarama because again, didn't know how dense it would be and seeing clear nail under glitter just looks off to me.

As an aside: I think I actually prefer cheap (dollar or less) makeup over expensive makeup. Not because I think cheap makeup is better, although many YouTubers will say that you can get just as good as from the cheap if you get the right brands/things from certain brands, but more because I am not afraid to use it. My collection of expensive makeup is very limited, as it should be, we don't have the income for an expensive makeup collection, but what I do have will probably only be used on special occasions and even that is questionable because I am afraid of wasting it and messing it up. I haven't actually broken anything yet, but I have come pretty close during many of my no coordination days and often times I can't tell just how off it is until after I have finished with the makeup and see the path of destruction that I has befallen what I have used (lots of gouged eyeshadows and lip sticks and makeup brushes randomly spotting the floor because sometimes I will be trying to use one and it will literally fly out of my hand because of the coordination problems and I have to go searching for them. I sometimes find one I didn't know I was missing when playing with the dolls and pillows on the floor with my cats (yes, I still play with my dolls, don't judge me, if you had 10 hours of time to kill on your own and a problem with looking at computer screens for more than 30 minutes to an hour, you to would probably start playing with dolls too) because they have some how buried themselves in the pile. Cheap makeup is also easier to justify learning on. Before my $1 bronzer, which has lasted at least two months and looks like a sample size, but is still going strong, although you can now see the pan, Kevin had gotten my a Physician's Formula bronzer from Ross (discount reseller of things that didn't sell originally) in a trio with an eyeshadow and a lip quad for $7. Their bronzers normally sell for $10 to $15 so even though it was effectively $2.33 I couldn't bring myself to use it because it is normally more expensive and I didn't want to waste it by trying to learn how to use bronzer with such a nice product. Admittedly I am still pretty bad with the bronzer and while I only try and use it for conturing I tend to end up making myself look tan anyway because I get it in the wrong place (again, coordination) and then end up having to spread it around. I will say this, a light dusting of bronzer just on the cheeks and then topped with a light dusting of blush warms up the blush nicely and can give more of a glowly effect blush by itself doesn't often give. Okay, that was a long aside, now for the next picture.

So the glitter is small enough it doesn't really show in the pictures, but it basically looks like a fuchsia disco ball on my nails and is very densely packed so I would recommend if you are ever looking for a glitter that lays down pretty dense. It also lays down flat which is something the others I have used don't always do, meaning, even without a top coat I don't feel bumps on my nails where as some of the glitters (especially the one with the stars) even with three layers of top coat I could still feel the glitter and in the case of the star one, the points actually started poking through and eventually peeled off. Actually, so far every time I have used a large glitter polish after four days or so the glitter layer actually peels off, sometimes taking the rest of the polish with it, I think, because I have since learned, that some polishes actually shrink, and since all of the ones that have done this have been in the same clear base, I am guessing that is what is happening. Not a big deal, I just have to remember that if I am going to use them for a special occasion to put it on the day before instead of always on Wednesday no matter when the event is.

There was something else I was going to talk about in this pertaining to nail polish and makeup in general but I can't remember what it is, well, I am sure I will think of it in another post. This is getting rather long and my head hurts so I should probably stop.
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