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So I am really bad about getting these things up in time, but there were some screen shots I wanted to get that I had missed before and required a replay. There is no camera in SimCity and so this is a Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen in order to take the image (after pausing the game) then paste into the photo editor and saving it for web in the photo editor.

San Francisco: 1906 Earthquake Scenario from Eppy Sleep

As always, I recommend viewing the slideshow on full screen mode as that is how I intended it to be viewed so you can read the text.
First of all, I've not played this in years but never, ever was I so neat and tidy in my building, the way that you are. Dullsville looked amazing.

I was surprised that you failed. I read the slide, just before the failure slide, and thought you were doing well.

As, I said it's been years since I played. Seem to remember getting into all sorts of bother with it. Preferred playing games like Colonisation and Civilisation (as I was more successful, I remember the first Sim City as being hard to play).

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the screenshots :)
SimCity (the first one) is really hard, at least for me. If you look at my first post about Grid City, I think that explains why I build things the way I do, But I have always aimed for really neat cities, even in later generations of the game. My favorite maps are always flat and completely level across the whole board.

Thank you for the comments :-)