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This this week, actually yesterday, saw my first empty makeup wise. Apparently this is a big thing on YouTube and you can watch video after video of people throwing empty bottles, tubes, and pans away while they congratulate themselves for actually finishing something. Yes, I find it kind of silly people showing their trash on YouTube, but since I have had this lipgloss for two or three months and just barely finished it and I used it at least twice a day three or four times a week and when I had seen it online (we bought it in a store) people had complained about the size because they only got one day out of it so I am guessing I just didn't try to apply the whole tube at once attempting to get the color to actually look like the color in the tube because with lip glosses I am not looking for that, lip sticks yes, lip glosses no, I just want them to make my lips shinny, which this did very well.

This tube is admittedly tiny, but that is part of what made it perfect for my purse, because initially my "purse" was a coin purse and three tiny lip glosses (it came in a kit with 10 mini lip glosses and Kevin knows I love lip gloss) and a small mirror was all that fit. Now my purse is a full sized purse, not a huge one and it is mostly empty, but I kept trying to add more lip glosses and chap sticks to the coin purse so I upgraded. I don't carry lip sticks because I have watched too many videos of people saying their favorite lip stick melted in their purse in the car and I live somewhere that gets really warm in the summer. Also, I just tend to favor lip glosses because I like shinny lips no matter what some beauty gurus on YouTube think about people in their 30s and what is age appropriate, you've seen my nail polish posts, I don't do "age appropriate" when it comes to almost everything (I started collecting Hello Kitty in my late 20s after I met Kevin so yeah, age appropriate went out the window when I discovered the world of cute that is a Sanrio store for the first time).

Anyway, once I realized this tube was nearly dead I spent the last two weeks trying to kill it, I even ate more because I usually start the day (after breakfast) with a lip stick/lip gloss from the kit/whatever it is called, it is an all in one with blush, eyeshadow, lip stick/lip gloss and I have been using it for two years, that thing will never die at this rate, anyway, after any meals, instead of reapplying the lip stick from the kit because I don't want to have to re-wash the lip brush (they are in pans, not sticks but most apply like sticks) and I try not to dip my fingers in there, I would use one of the mini lip glosses and I tended to favor this one because it is bright pink and I thought it gave a good color to the lips; they didn't actually turn that color, but you could actually see a change in color leaning that way. Anyway, these last two weeks I would eat more so I could keep reapplying the gloss as many as four times a day for two weeks straight and it is still didn't want to die. So I finally decided it was close enough, it got to the point were I didn't think the color was actually transferring and the moisturizing of the gloss wasn't anywhere near as strong as it once was. So, I deem thee lip gloss, dead, it is now in the trash, yeah!!

If I ever manage to kill that kit thing I have been working on for two years it will get its own post. The lip part goes down faster than the eyeshadows because I have used up three of those (there were 15 lip gloss/lip stick and are still 15 eyeshadows, along with 4 blushes) and only two of the eyeshadows are showing the pan at all, but still have plenty of uses left in them; I do use the blush but you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at them.

And now for the nail polishes...

This took four different polishes so you get two pictures because I couldn't hold them all so you could see them and my hands hurt even in this configuration.

So only one "brand name" polish here and that would be the glitter Wet N Wild one from their 4th of July (I think) collection. The first time I wore it I had used another red that looks exactly like the red here, but with a rather poor formulation because it was streaky as can be, took 4 or 5 coats to be the color in the bottle, got thick really fast, and was hard to apply. This red only took 1 1/2 coats (I had to dip back into the bottle to finish the thumb on both hands because the brush is tiny) and went on much easier. But I also wanted to see what the glitter looked like on top of a white and a black polish because I have seen people use black and white polishes as a way to show how good or bad a glitter is. Now personally I realize that glitter polishes with large glitter in it is almost never going to completely coat the whole nail even after three coats (which is what I used of it) and I find it bizarre when people complain about how they can never get their nails to be nothing but large glitter and they used half a bottle in the process, I don't think that is what these are intended for, and I think a base coat with some sort of color is really the only way to go because they just look strange on bare nail, in my opinion, others may like it and that is fine. The black only took one coat and the white took three, but I kind of expected that because it is a pearly white and I was trying not to apply it too thickly on the first coat because that seems to be part of my smudging problem. The white is kind of streaky, but not to the point that it bothers me, the black went on perfectly with no problems what-so-ever and both of these were from a kit that was purchased for the makeup, not the nail polishes; actually I had tried to get a different version of the same kit, but the one with the pink polishes had one of the eyeshadows in the kit completely destroyed and the one with the dark polishes (there is also a dark purple) was completely intact so I went with that one. The red was from a kit that was all nail and purchased solely because it had a nail drier included (for $10) that does actually work even if it is rather loud and I tend to smudge my nails on the drier itself, but I am getting better with it and our cats no longer run in fear when I turn it on.

Pictures all taken by Kevin for me because he is an awesome husband like that :-)
I wasn't sure that I really liked dark nail varnishes but have to say that the black looks really good on your fingernails. I think that I prefer it to the paler colours.

The photos are very nice. :)
Black is not normally my cup of tea either, but it probably doesn't hurt that I am rather pale so it is a more stark contrast than the light shades.

I let Kevin know you liked the photos, he said thank you :-)