I've been feeling the need to post something for a few days but I never knew what to write about so I didn't.  Unfortunately I still don't know what to write about so if this makes no sense, I apologize but sometimes my want side of my brain over rides my logic side of my brain.

So I let the SimCity game for DullsVille run on its own up until 1987 or something around there to see what would happen, like if it would tell me that I won, and it didn't.  Then I realized that I had let it run without turning off disasters and part of the city was trying to flood itself, but it didn't tell me I had lost, which it had done in a prior to this series of posts attempts at playing one of the challenges so I am guessing I was still doing well enough to win.  My plan is it let it run one more time, remembering to turn off disasters (I exited without saving), and give it until 2000 and see what happens.  Once I have done that I will move on to the next challenge and we'll see what that one is all about.

The makeup love is still going strong.  When I talked to my mom about it she said that for a while, after college I had gotten really into makeup wearing it everyday, and she never really understood why it stopped.  I actually didn't remember this, I remembered buying some makeup because I like pretty colors, but I didn't remember really wearing it all that much, but maybe in a weird way the reason why this is helping me with my mood is because it is something I was missing.  The other day Kevin took me to a Daiso store because they sell cheap, from Japan and we are kind of obsessed with Japan, products and this one actually had makeup at it, I don't remember the other two that we have gone to having makeup so this made me really happy because everything was $1.50 per package so I got some eye shadow and some lipgloss.  I haven't tried any of the new stuff yet, but I spend a lot of time sitting and staring at the colors and sometimes turn it over and read the badly translated English and laugh because there is only actually one sentence in English on the back of the package and I think it sounds funny.  Sentence on the package: "Attention of the use: If something happen the trouble on your skin using them, please stop using them."  I don't know why but that makes me smile every time I see it and it only cost $1.50.  They had some really nice shades of eye shadow, very wearable, and while I have been favoring more of the crazier colors lately because I am trying to expand on what I feel comfortable with, it is always nice to have some basic colors as well, like light tans and light pinks.

The paper cranes are still going, I don't have a new picture yet, because the next 24 haven't been strung up yet, but I have made another set of 24 and I am now working on a smaller batch of 14 from some special paper that Kevin got me that says it has Kimono patterns on it so I have really been enjoying those.  Still have four more sheets to finish that set and then hopefully I can get both sets strung up and take some pictures to share.

Starting to get dizzy and the screen is swaying back and forth, but at least I got something posted.