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Not the Sims update I thought I would be giving

So I decided to try my hand at Simming again (after a couple of weeks of digestive issues that didn't make me feel like doing much) and I decided to make this Sim and she had a child and I was going to see how many careers I could top, because that is what you think of when you are me as a good goal.  Anyway, I made her and she managed to nearly die a few times over the course of the week and then yesterday she and her child finally seemed to learn how to feed themselves and get to bed on time (I finally broke down and bought them better beds).  The game even decided to throw some random things my way that I needed to complete one of my goals that I thought would never happen because I am really sucking at playing right now and so I was over the moon by the end of the play session.  It hadn't been the best controller play session I had ever had, I think the game was in pause more than speed 1, 2, or 3, because I just couldn't seem to click on anything and the camera kept panning away from where I wanted to be all the time; I'm not even sure how I managed to get so much to go right in the actual game play part I was doing so badly with the controls.  But I was happy with myself.  I went to quit and save, hit the button to save, and then realized it wasn't saving.  Not because something with the game went wrong but because my lack of being able to tell what I was actually clicking on yesterday ran over into the lack of being able to tell that I had clicked no instead of yes when asked if I wanted to save the game.  So I lost everything.

Actually just about the whole day went that way, everything I did was a struggle to get it done, but I would and then something at the end would just screw the whole thing up.  So from now on I am going to save before hitting the quit button since there is an option to save without quitting, and hopefully this won't happen again.  I'm exhausted right now and the digestive issue apparently wasn't over, just taking a break so I have no idea when another update will be posted, but I do plan on there being one eventually!
Tags: just one of those days, the sims
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