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The Sims: Rotation One: The Newbies

Finally caught up with the play, which means it will take at least four day between posts considering it takes me three real days to play three Sim days, and then I need a day to write up the pictures. Depending on migraines, may take longer, my goal is once a week, but I am trying to not put too much pressure to actually accomplish that.
My Newbies never liked each other either. It is nice that you were able to have them get along.
I think it is very luck of the draw and avoiding group meals at all cost.

I learned when they first added the option to see what preferences they had on subjects that they messed up and Sims made before the installation of that expansion pack would have very low or no interest in everything until they left the house. Unfortunately I am not up to that expansion pack yet, but because I am playing with the Deluxe edition and it is after that pack, they seem to still have that problem, but I have no way of making them leave the house. Unfortunately I can't remember which expansion pack it was.