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The Sims: Rotation One: Bachelor Pad: Days Two and Three

Managed to finish the Bachelor home's pictures, next will be the Maximus home with full names only given once because they are impossible to type if you are me.  I actually stopped writing them down they were so hard.  If the pictures and text look too small even on full screen mode let me know.  I haven't figured out how to easily make them all bigger yet, but I will keep looking.
I forget sometimes just how different that Sims 1 is from Sims 2.
I remember when The Sims 2 first came out, before it had any expansion packs, there were people on the BBS complaining about how few objects the game came with and so I did an object for object comparison with the base game for The Sims and found it actually had like five more. No one replied to that comment, but they still kept complaining that it didn't have everything The Sims had in it (meaning, with all expansion packs). These two are very different, but you can still see where they ideas for The Sims 2 came from in The Sims, where they realized they could improve on (like getting skill building from Cooking).

I'm already looking forward to adding House Party so that there will be a few NPCs, but I still plan to finish this rotation before I do that. I may finish a few rotations actually because I plan to look through the Prima guides (even if I can't really read them fully, some of it gets through) of each expansion pack before I install it to remind me what I am getting myself into.