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So I found the slide share site and made a free account.  I looked at the templates on the MAC laptop version of Office and found the template I was looking for with the picture at the top and the text on the bottom, but it would mean that I would have to copy the pictures to here, make the power point presentation, save as pdf, and upload.  I had planned to write the presentations on the PC and then save them, copy them to the laptop, then convert to pdf and upload, but we will see what ends up happening.  I did save the template to the PC that I wanted to use, but it still isn't an auto-template that is in the insert new slide option so it adds a couple of steps to write it on the PC.

So I am still trying to decide if I am actually going to make the albums and upload them.  I want to, it is more a matter of am I actually able.  One of the things that I have to do if I decide to make the albums is to not push myself so hard to try and post them every week and actually allow myself time to write them and not stress.
Maybe you could try writing a practice album and see how that works out and if you don't find it to be too stressing you could work on some real ones. :)
That sounds like a good idea. I could try writing one using both methods as well and see which one is easier for me to deal with to see if either of them would actually work. Thank you :-)