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The PC The Sims is on is still temperamental, but Kevin thinks sometime next year we might be able to replace it, the tricky bit is getting it to turn on and then once on getting it to turn off.  It no longer goes online because it appears the Nortons was part of the problem, at least with the Disc failures I was getting, but that is the nice thing about The Sims, no internet needed to play.

There won't be any pictures posted of the play, it is more to just see how I do and how long I can take the screen.  That and I miss it :-)

Hopefully within the next couple years (it took almost three to get to this point in my health) the raw veganism will completely reverse the migraines and pain and then I can post more regularly.  For now I am just happy with temporary windows of it almost makes sense that show up from time to time.
Yay to playing again! i hope you have some fun and it doesn't affect you negatively.
Did actually get to play yesterday because I did too much laptop time writing the post and looking at lolcats. Spending less time on the laptop today so I can spend some time on The Sims. I am sure it will be fun :-)