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It has been over two months being raw vegan and so far, it has not made me worse.  How much improvement there is, is hard to tell, but as Kevin says, I didn't get sick over night, I'm not going to get well over night.

One thing though that I have noticed in the Raw Vegan community, not everyone, but a lot of people in the community seem to believe that everyone can be healed from everything (including Cancer) by simply being Raw Vegan and living the healthiest life style imaginable.  Unfortunately they do not seem to take into consideration that not everyone is going to rush out and start going 100% raw vegan just because they tell them to and since there has not been enough research in large enough groups of people, over their entire life spans (I think the whole world would have to be Raw Vegan to truly know for sure that it would mean the end to all cancer) to be 100% certain this life style would actually prevent all cancer.  Considering there are infants with cancer who only ever had breast-milk, I have a hard time with some of the Raw Vegans who think Cancer research is a waste of money, because their way of life is the only true cure.  Besides, if someone doesn't learn of the benefits of Raw Veganism before the cancer is near end stage, or if it is particularly aggressive, even Raw Vegan doctors have said it may be too late to treat with just a diet change.

Not all Raw Vegans think this way, I am sure there are plenty that would agree with me that research into healing with medicine still needs to be done for all, including for the benefit of Raw Vegans, because we just don't really know.  I don't think having faith that your life style will help prevent you from becoming sick is a bad thing, and it has actually been shown to help improve results, but blanket statements that a portion of them make, make me want to withdraw from the community while still living the life style, and that really is a shame because there is a lot of good information out there about Raw Veganism that I think people would pass over if they found someone shout off about what a waste cancer research is before hand.
Yeah, I think that's way too much credit. In fact, I think the evidence against claiming that raw veganism has any effect whatsoever on cancer is pretty strong. That doesn't mean it isn't a healthy lifestyle. It's just that it doesn't solve everything in the whole world.

I think it's pretty common for there to be a fringe in any movement that gets so caught up in its enthusiasm that it attributes supernatural powers to its life choice. You kind of have to put up with people who have gone overboard along with plenty of people with more reasonable views.

I hope you're feeling better in general, if only a little bit.
There is some evidence, unfortunately, all that I can actually find is anecdotal, no actual long term studies. And the stories are all from people who found very early stage, non-aggressive cancers, after they had been trying something else and where looking for something to go with it, which means it isn't purely the Raw Veganism that can be given credit, but they all want it so badly to work that, that is all they remember and say.
Yeah, I think you have to be careful about anecdotal evidence like that. People who tried this and it failed for them are not going to be hanging out on the forums trolling people who believe in it. Or most of them won't.

So, yeah, I agree with you that long-term studies are necessary. There's so much research in cancer that I would imagine somebody has done research into dietary changes, probably a spread of them rather than just raw veganism. I don't know if a search of something like pubmed would turn up anything.