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I actually managed to spend a large amount of time on the computer today and only really feel pressure in my head but no pain. This occasionally happens, but not often.

Today was spent downloading all base game only compatible stuff from Maxis on The Sims 2 website and then adding it to the game.

I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to build on a slope without having to just flatten the lot and making it look really strange from below. The pictures below show the results. To learn more about each picture, click on it for a more detailed description.

Corner picture of Food and Stuff

Over head shot of store

Over head shot of store

Over head shot of store

Not perfect, but better than I thought it would be. I am starting with the Alpinloch neighborhood template and that may have been a mistake because the whole thing is basically the side of a hill so this may be moved and flattened in another neighborhood later if this doesn't work well.

On the up note it is only a 3 x 3 lot so it shouldn't lag too bad so long as I have not played for ages and the computer is just running slow anyway. I have been known to make 5 x 5 grocery stores, which I know is just ridiculous but I tend to build everything 5 x 5 because of the Legacy challenges.

I still need to make my first Sims and send him to the lot to test it out. This will be my Fortune/Aries Sim that I will be playing first. I am currently trying to decide how long to play the first Sim before adding the next Sim in and then playing rotation style adding one new Sim (couple once to that point) each rotation. I normally do one day in a house and then on to the next but I don't know if that will be enough time and it wouldn't take long for me to have 60 Sims in the neighborhood at that rate. I don't know if I want to do a week though because I tend to forget about things if I leave them for too long. If I have it be something like # of days other than 7 then I tend to forget how many days I have played and everyone gets thrown off again. I will have to figure this out before I move the Sim in (I haven't made him yet) hopefully tomorrow.

The other thing I am thinking of doing is making a spreadsheet style table on here and keeping notes about which Sims have been created, gender, name, etc, although I am not sure how well that will show in the journal so I may just go with a unique tag they will all get and then it will be easy to find all of the posts in the tags menu. I <3 spreadsheets and that is the only reason doing something like that would be fun for me.

The other thing I did today, because I spent so much time on the Sims 2 site, was reread my old Tutorial Legacy (which made it to the birth of gen 4 but no farther). I did this over two years ago (01.06.2007) and while the writing isn't that great (and I found spelling errors I didn't see before) it was funny to read.


This is from when I played The Sims a lot but kept starting over on my Legacies because I am really harsh on myself, or because I have a tendency to get glitchy games.

Well, I should go to bed because I have only had 2 hours of sleep since staying up all night (hopefully this will put me back on the right schedule) and the right side of my head is now starting to feel pain (I am amazed it took this long).

I have also decided, LiveJournal does not like validated coding, grr! I did try (still better than the tables it uses).
I like your methodological game play plan and I can see how that is a good idea when your game-time sessions are limited. You know, the way you describe it, it almost sounds like a BAAC you are planning.
Nice little legacy, shame you didn't write more, I would have loved to see Chiaki and Remnington's baby.
Have you managed to play-test the community lot on the hill yet?
I heard of the Build a City Challenge, but never read the rules before. That does sound a lot like how am planning to play. Since I normally do rotation style play that wouldn't be that different for me and it does sound like a challenge I would be interested in trying once I am more sure of myself in the game.

You can sort of see baby Dai in the upload of the lot I had made here. I have considered downloading it and seeing if I can make it safe to play with SimPE, again, probably after I get more used to playing again.

I have made the first Sim for my game and I will probably try and play test with him tomorrow; creating him and his home seems to have maxed my time for the day. I already have pictures of him uploaded to the base game gallery and will hopefully be able to create the post about him tomorrow after I test the grocery store. I'm still trying to decide what is a good rotation schedule. I am thinking somewhere around 3 days to give me some time on each lot but not so much that I can't complete one rotation for a single lot in one day (I just may end up posting every other day instead of every day because it takes as long as I play to create some of the posts.)
Forgot to mention, I added the specific pictures for the store to this post since I realized I would not be creating 60 + galleries for all of the Base game play so the one I had originally linked to in the post would have been much bigger than just the store in a couple of weeks.
Sweet that you can still potentially get to grow up Dai (and her family).
I love that Ram isn't your average cute-looking founder, and I agree, he really looks like the kind of chap who never goes anywhere without his two-piece suit. :D
And I see you have been trying to maintain some uneven outside space around Ram's house, good for you. What size is that lot? It looked quite small.