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Major health update: Unfortunately not fixed yet, this is more about a lifestyle change

So Kevin and I have made a pretty significant change to our food consumption and I think since we are both on board with the change we are more likely to stick with it.  We have become raw food vegans.  Why, well, it all started with a neither of us feeling healthy and I think Kevin finally got to the point where he was mentally ready to drop all meat products.  Why raw food, well, that is part of the detox method we are using, Kevin made stay vegan or vegitarian, but I plan on staying raw permantantely.

There are many health benefits to going raw food vegan and while we are not expecting it to cure me (would be nice, but at this point we are only a handful of weeks into the process), it does seem to at least be allowing me to finally drop some of the weight I put on from the health problems and I am actually consuming more calories than I normally would.  It also seems to be helping with the IBS.  It hasn't cured it and it still switches, but it seems to be staying on the D side more than the C side now which is a huge improvement because C is so much more painful and for much longer than D is and I spent all of my growing up with the D version if my mom's medical history for me is correct so it is the one I view as my normal.  

It hasn't gotten rid of the migraines or the joint pain, but we are learning a lot about food and in a lot of ways, my digestive problems. I don't think my digestive system has been absorbing the food properly, probably in part because no matter how hard I try I have a hard time chewing so I have to just take really small bites, try to chew, and then swallow.  We have been juicing and blending the foods and I get so much less stomach pain and my skin is getting super soft, probably because I am actually getting the vitamins in the food finally.  We did start off with unblended foods and I realized that everything was coming out basically intact, like I could identify what I had eaten, which we figured was probably not good.  So we started blending and juicing sooner than we had planned to since I can't chew which helps to make sure I am getting a good variety because I can kill the taste of most foods by adding enough of something I like to it to counter the taste of what I don't like (still haven't managed to kill the taste of celery but I am sure I will eventually find a way).  

When I did try eating a whole apple unblended after a week or so on the blending/juicing it caused a lot of pain so I may be blending for the rest of my life if my ability to chew and digest doesn't improve.  We have agreed that every once in a while, basically holidays and our birthdays we will break the eating pattern for one meal although if on Kevin's birthday (which would be the first non-vegan/blended/raw meal) I get pain like I did on the apple I may give it up all together.  Mashed potatoes might work because you don't actually have to chew that.  Still, we will see what happens and I will update in October when his birthday is.

We are taking a multi-vitamin and an omega vitamin just to make sure we get everything we need nutrition wise if we are missing anything from the food.  I have found a site that actually tracks the vitamins in what I am eating and so if I ever manage to consistantly get them all above 100% minus the B12 and D I may switch to just taking those two vitamins instead of the multi-vitamin.  So far I have about half over 100%, a quarter over 75% and the remaining quarter I need to work on finding foods I can use to get more of the vitamins from.

While I was never depressed before, I actually feel like my mood has improved some, probably because I am finally able to start dropping weight, nothing like seeing that number go in the direction it should be to make someone feel better about herself.  I don't really have a goal weight I am aiming for.  I figure if I am getting enough calories and enough vitamins and whatnot, whatever weight my body settles at is the one it is supposed to be and I will be happy with that.

Exercise is still minimal due to the joint pain and dizziness, but I am hoping as the weight goes down maybe some of that will become less and I can start to actually exercise like I used to.

Off to try and figure out how to calm down so I can sleep.
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