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Okay, so if you read my previous post in this journal you know that my game attempting to stop me from playing it which nearly gave me a panic attack because I want to finish this legacy so badly and we are actually to the birth of generation 4 meaning this is my most successful attempt so far. Between the thinking I was going to have to play in Riverview (which I had figured they would eventually end up in, but not this soon) and loose all of the family relationship to the spares and then finding out that the patch seems to have actually fixed the game, I really wasn't sure how I was going to write this in the beginning.

Because my brain was just about shot by the time I finished the game play I decided to not write from Belle view mainly because I couldn't think of anything she really would have had to say other than "oh my goodness, grand baby" for the whole post since that is all any of them were saying really. Also, Lara and I speak the same way, seriously, this is how I normally talk, so it was a lot easier writing from her view than from Belle's; probably also why the Author's notes and Lara's text could be combined and no one would notice a difference most likely.

Anyway, on with the show

Lara's Week

My mom asked that for this week I take over the whole post because she wanted a break and basically the whole week focus on me and my husband and our new family member :-).

First thing Sunday morning I ran down to the newspaper and got a job. This way I have an excuse to talk to everyone in town!

Alan said his one true wish was to master writing and painting so as soon as he got up he started on his first book.

Unfortunately I started getting sick, maybe too much cake from yesterday with all of those birthdays. I can't imagine anyone would feel good after five pieces of cake.

Alan decided that he should also get a regular job for until his writing and painting really take off and decided he wanted to be a Police Officer! I love me a man in uniform ;-)

Author's note: Really this was because he rolled the want for the job and it gives me an excuse to get him out of the house five days out of the week, at least in the beginning.

I kept getting sick for the whole day; I hope this doesn't make me miss my first day of work.

I did end up missing my first few days of work, but not because of being sick, I found out I was pregnant. Alan was so happy, he spent a lot of time talking to my belly and rubbing my tummy to help make it feel better.

And just like that it was time for the baby to come.

Author's note: They have five fricken cars, one of which is her preferred vehicle and she decided to ride the bike to the hospital! By the way, is it even possible for a woman in labor to ride a bicycle? I can't imagine that would be anyone's first choice.

I made it to the hospital in time.

Alan made it a few minutes behind me...

Author's note:... because Alan was asleep when she went into labor and had to wake up first, which he did do on his own. What is even sadder is she went home in a cab and he went back home in his car! Why couldn't she just get in his car, it is her husband!

I would like to introduce everyone to Amanda!

Isn't she beautiful; I can't imagine anything more perfect than her. She is an angel for sure!

Author's note: She got the traits Grumpy and Artistic from the random roll (fun!) She likes Classical Music, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and the color Lime so the fact that both of the baby rooms are green should not be a problem. I really wanted to use my plumbob wallpaper patterns I made, so cute!

My dad feed Amanda as soon as we got her home; I have a feeling she already has him wrapped around her little finger.

He certainly fell in love as soon as he saw her.

Author's note: Oh my goodness, these last two imagines make me cry every time I look at them and I burst into tears while playing the game when this happen. I feel kind of bad that I had decided that if their first child was a natural girl that they wouldn't have a second. He rolled the want for five grandchildren (to replace the want for the first one) once she was born and unfortunately the other kids don't seem to be producing anything yet. They may end up trying for one more next week, but I am not filling the house again, that nearly killed my ability to play the game from stress. But oh my goodness he looks so sweet and elated that he has his little grand baby now! I love him!

We put cribs on both floors and one out by the garden so that no matter where one of us needed to be in the house, we could always have her near us.

Author's note: That and I don't think the garden would have been touched if Hugh had, had to leave her in the house.

Once Alan got home from work he spent a lot of time cuddling with her and making sure she was well feed and happy. I have a feeling if we didn't have other things that had to get done Amanda would never actually lay in her crib because someone is always going to pick her up and cuddle with her.

We got a surprise visit from Carol, Martha's wife, on the night of mom's elder birthday. She said Martha was sorry she couldn't be there, but she had to work that night.

Mom didn't look too excited by the thought of getting older, but you can't stop time.

She looks pretty good I think.

Author's note: Holy cow, her clothing actually matches. That is so rare in these transitions. I haven't checked what the rest of them look like, but I was fine with this even if it isn't blue so she kept it.

Carol and I talked about music, she is working on mastering the guitar and had played a little to help get Amanda to sleep. She is such a great sister-in-law!

Mom is so happy with little Amanda and fusses with her all of the time.

Author's note: I swear if I am not watching that baby 24/7 someone has it out of the crib when it is supposed to be sleeping. Belle got up in the middle of the night, before she was fully rested to tuck her in. Are they even supposed to be able to do that or is this a bork?!

Alan decided to paint a picture for Amanda's room; it's so cute, don't you think it is perfect for a baby's room.

Author's note: I am going to guess that was just good timing or is it possible Sims actually decide what to paint based on what is around them?

Author's note: I keep getting pop-ups saying that Amanda has a healthy appetite and that she would see some changes in the mirror and she keeps getting sad faced memories every time that pops up. Then I found out Hugh feeds her about 12 times a day when she only really needs to be feed two or three times a day. I think he just wants an excuse to hold her because his whole want panel is all her. Goodness I am going to cry when generation 2 dies, they are my favorite so far although Lara and Alan are doing a really good job of making me love them.


Alan and I are still super affectionate, even with Amanda in the house. We are so lucky that we have my parents to help look after her while we are on our date night.

Author's note: I keep calling Alan Kevin when playing, in my notes, and when typing, to the point where I had to do a find and replace in the text doc before I added this to make sure I didn't call him Kevin in the actual post. He reminds me so much of Kevin with how affectionate he is and how wonderful he is with Lara. And considering that Lara acts a lot like me it is almost like I'm playing our Simselves, which is probably part of the reason I love these two so much.

Author's note: Amy come out almost every night now and plays computer games, probably because she knows I can't stop her now and I never let her play computer games when she was alive.

I can't believe how fast this week went. Saturday was Amanda's birthday and my dad did the honors of taking her to the cake.

Author's note: Who didn't see that coming!

Oh my goodness, she is so cute! How could anyone not love her!

I started teaching her to talk later that same day. Unfortunately it was after my exercise class so she kind of thought I was stinky once she learned that word. What can I say, I wanted to make sure all of the baby weight was off even if Alan thinks I look beautiful just the way I am.

My beautiful little princess all done up in her favorite colors. She is so sweet, I love her!
Lara and Alan are really sweet together. And I love how much Hugh loves taking care of Amanda.
Also, Amanda is an adorable toddler! :)
I am really glad I followed Lara's queues when it came to Alan because he is a one in a million Sim. They are completely and totally devoted to one another.

I think it is safe to say that Hugh is going to spoil Amanda rotten; I just hope she doesn't actually start behaving like a spoiled brat.

Amanda did turn out rather well didn't she. I am still debating whether or not to have them have a second child. If I do they need to get pregnant on Sunday of the week because I want to keep everyone on Saturday birthdays. Since everything after infant is divisible by seven it makes it easier if everyone's birthday lands on a Sunday because I know someone is having a birthday almost every Sunday.