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This entry has more pictures than text in part because I couldn't think of text for each picture, but I like all of the pictures being used and in part because I think some of the pictures didn't really need text, including some of the ones that have text.

Lara's easily distracted nature has mellowed a little in the game play so that is also reflected here. Guess as she gets older she becomes a little more settled, but she still seems to feel everything in a very big way so I tried to get the pictures and when possible the text to reflect that.

How do I describe this week, so many things happened.

Once word got out that I would be the only one of my siblings remaining in my family home people seemed to pop out from all over the place talking to me like they had been my best friend forever and how they had always loved me but had been too afraid to tell me. I just didn't know what to make of it, it was all so strange.

Christopher on the other hand seemed to find the love of his life very early in the week in Malika Williams. We knew he was serious when he said he was even trying to become friends with her mother.

Author's note: Seriously, he rolled the want to kiss Malika and become friends with her mom in the same second in real time.

He said her beauty could rival that of the Mona Lisa and he told her this on an almost daily bases until she finally believed him.

When he told her one day they would get married she seemed amused...

...but she also seemed to like his enthusiasm.

So we weren't surprised when they started dating.

I am now the only person without a significant other and my parents seem to expect me to have babies right away. I called over my friend Alan who I have known forever and is really the only person I am friends with who I am not related to.

I told him about the random guys asking me out, my parents talking like I would be having kids the minute I became and adult, and how all of my other siblings seem to have someone they really love, but I am still all alone.

He told me that everything would work out in the end, even if it didn't seem like it right now.

Author's note: A light bulb moment happened here; when she went to hug him she was looking away from him and then when I paused to take the picture her head slow moved to bury itself in his neck. I had been trying to find a teen for her and they were all wrong and then she did this and the next two pictures and it was like "dud" no wonder her friend score with the teens never seems to go up. She wants him and no one else and she knows if she gets too high a friendship with one of the teen guys she won't get to marry the one she really wants. Sorry if this is kind of spoilery, not sure how to hide it in the entry once it is expanded.

I know I will find love someday and maybe I already know the person I will fall in love with.

Right now I am just really happy that I have someone like Alan I can talk to who isn't part of my family and isn't just talking to me because of who my family is.

My dad and I have gotten really close while gardening together, he seems to really appreciate that I take the time to help him even with school and work.

He told me there was a reason I needed to be the one to stay in the family home, but he couldn't tell me what it was and that I needed to find out for myself.

Next came the birthdays and weddings!

First came Christopher's birthday

And then it was Malika's birthday who celebrated at our house because Christopher had something he wanted to ask her...

...he proposed! Although why she looks surprised I don't know.

Author's note: It looks like Belle is mad at the little heart floating over Christopher's head.  Maybe she realizes there is about to be a mass exodus of her children from the house.

They got married straight away.

Author's note: I can't wait to see their babies because their faces are so different, they will either be extremely beautiful or make you choke on whatever you are drinking.

Carol and Martha aged up next.

Apparently Carol was still kind of nervous about what people would think of their marriage even though we have told Martha that all we have ever wanted was for their happiness.

Last was my birthday and I invited Alan over because I realized that the only person I could imagine spending the rest of my life with was him.

He has always been there for me to talk to whenever I needed someone who would just listen and not try and tell me what to do. He would always comfort me when I found out people were just trying to use me for my family's wealth (we own most of the town's businesses).

I realized, once I was old enough to do so, that I love Alan and that he loved me, but because I was too young before he couldn't tell me.

So I asked him to marry me.

Author's note: I love the look on Lara's face, she's like all, "oh yeah, I'm goin' be gettin' some tonight, ;-)"

We got married straight away in the kitchen.

And of course we greatly enjoyed our wedding night ;-)

Author's note: There was a chime so generation 4 is on the way :-) I am not sure if I should force a girl or wait and see what it is and then force a girl on the second one if the first one isn't a girl.
Lara and Alan are really sweet together. I am glad that she got to be with the person that she really loves.
Yeah, I always try and make sure my Sims marry who they want to instead of just whoever I think would be best for them/most attractive. My only real thing I was trying to avoid this time around was making sure her spouse didn't have commitment issues considering all of the problems that caused for my founder.

I have a feeling these two are going to be like Belle and Hugh and rolling wants for WooHoo and children daily for their entire young adult/adult lives.