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I apologize now if this entry doesn't look right. Those who have been trying to use LiveJournal the last few days are for sure aware of the issues it has been having and it is not letting me post this in the normal way so I am going back to writing html myself which I haven't done in a while to help prevent problems from mental fogging while posting.

Here goes nothing

When dad first died, mom said she had seen him as a ghost, I didn't believe her, but now, well, he first came to Hugh saying he needed to see me about Lara.

He said that Lara should be the one to stay home and carry on the family name here. I'm not sure what he was talking about but Lara has never expressed any interest in leaving the house so I guess it isn't that big of a problem.

And just like that he was gone. I still don't know what to make of it, I don't know why it is important for Lara specifically to stay here and not one of the other two who still live at home.

As the week went on things got stranger. I ran into Diane, who I thought was still dating Clark, even if it wasn't serious, but it seems she dumped him for the woman you see me with here.

Needless to say, I was not impressed. Looks like Diane was only interested in Clark when she thought he was going to be staying in the family home living in a nice house and never having to work again.

Author's note: Am I the only one laughing over the one guy in the picture with the huge smily thought bubble thinking that he is really looking forward to a chick fight?

Speaking of the family home, it got remodeled again, all based around this outdoor area here. And yes that is a pool so Lara doesn't spend any time in this particular part of the home, but everyone else seems to like it.

We completely rearranged the home so that it is now in two levels (not counting the outdoor level) with all of the "living" parts of the home on the ground floor since that is where we spend most of our time.

And all of the bedrooms are on the second floor since we are only there for a short part of the day and obviously not doing much, although the treadmill did ended up, up there in the hall because we weren't sure where else to put it; suggestions are welcome.

We also decided to plant some flowers which immediately took over the walkway thanks to Hugh's amazing green thumb. I didn't know plants could grow so quickly.

I am not sure where the statue on the overhang came from, something mom received while she was still alive I am sure. She sure did get a lot of presents from adoring fans.

Author's note: I know it kind of looks like a school building; it looked a lot more like one in some of the pictures I didn't use because the bus was parked out front for an hour since the kids all took their bikes into school that morning.

The full view of the back of the home.

When we were telling Lara that we would like her to stay in the home and raise her children here, Martha didn't take it too well, it appears she is still a little uncertain on how we view her since she started dating Carol.

Hugh assured her that it had nothing to do with Carol and that if she really wanted to stay here as well she could, but the house would be very full once children came into the picture and that she might prefer being in a less crowded home. This seemed to make sense to Martha and Lara didn't seem at all phased by the idea of continuing to live in the family home to raise her own family.

On Friday was Hugh's elder birthday; I still can't believe how long he managed to stay young looking considering he was two weeks older than me when we married.

It was a nice low key birthday given that the remaining children would be aging to young adults the next day.

I wonder if Martha don't like our artwork.

Hugh ever the flirt was worried that I wouldn't still want to take long walks on the beach with him now that he is old.

I let him know that will never be a problem.

Now my husband and I need some alone time. Lara is going to talk about the rest of the week in her post which is the last one she is doing for school (and therefore covering all of our children) so that is all for now. ;-)

Looks like all of the pictures and text made it in.
Their house looks great. :) And I am glad that Lara is taking over although I really liked Clark. It is sad that Diane only wanted him for his money.
Thanks, the house was designed around the random thought I had about that pool yard area. I literally was just sitting looking out the window the other day and that image popped into my head, basically exactly as it is in the game. I had to figure out the rest of the design for the house once I got in the game, although I had sketched a quick idea, but it didn't exactly fit the way I drew it, but I think this works well. I just really wanted something that looks like a huge rectangle since that is how just about all of my buildings look.

It would have been interesting if Clark had taken over and I had found out Diane didn't actually love him, she would have died a very horrible death. But I guess since so many Legacy heirs are the first born is it isn't a surprise that she would think he was going to be the one with all of the money. Just glad she wouldn't marry him before they moved out.

I think Lara is going to be a good heir, I love the faces she pulls.