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Week 12 ended up going really quickly for one main reason and is in Belle's part of the post. I became a big fan of the moodlet manager which ended up getting used a lot this week to help the family get through it without as much interference from me. What I didn't realize is that if they are perfectly happy they don't do a whole lot so now that the house count is starting to go down to a more reasonable number it may not get used that often (although it may get used a lot when Generation 4 eventually shows up.)

When I was playing this week I wasn't sure Belle was even going to talk, but then felt like the part that she says is all she would really be able to talk about even though some good things did happen this week. Lara on the other hand while over emotional seems to be able to bounce back quickly the moment something good happens and so it didn't seem as odd for her to talk about everything else.

Belle's Post

Lara is going to talk about most of this week's events; I'm going to talk about the one that is the reason why I am too emotional to talk about anything else.

This is my mother, the woman who gave me life and raised me on her own until I was a young adult. Her name was Amy Berg and she was a Rock Star until the last 3 days of her life. In this picture she was calling to retire at 93 days old.


Two days later she passed away surrounded by her grandchildren who love and adore her even in death. She was 95 days old, best friends with most of the town from all of the concerts she performed, and had mastered several of the skills she had available to study.

Her tombstone was placed in the backyard next to my father's who she loved her whole life even when they were apart.

I'm sorry, I can't talk anymore, I'm too over come with sadness and grief at this happening. We knew this day was coming, but I don't think there is anyway I could have ever been ready for it.
Children's Post as told by Lara
Children's Post as told by Lara

The main thing that happened this week was that Grandma passed away, but I don't want to talk about that too much. Mom said she would talk about it for me because everyone was very torn up over it.

After a couple days things started to go back to normal. Christopher has taken to writing a books and already completed one which is amazing considering he also has an after school job.

Clark and Lois both seem to have found people they really like, but both of their significant others were already young adults by the time this week started.

The relationship that caught everyone by surprised was Martha's. Martha has always been a loner and never wanted to talk to anyone outside of the family so when Martha started bringing Carol Funke home every day everyone took notice.

Martha said that the reason she didn't tell anyone about Carol at the beginning of the week was because she was afraid we would be upset since everyone else is with someone of the opposite gender and she is the only one who likes someone of the same gender. Of course there was no way we would be upset, we love Martha and all we want is for her to be happy.



They started dating shortly after she let the family know her feeling and we are all really happy for her because they both seem so very happy and in love.

The next big event of the week was on Saturday and several things happened so this all took place in one day.

First was Clark's birthday to a young adult.

Clark's special friend Diane was there for his birthday and we didn't realize what was going to come next until it happened.

They started getting romantic right away and then moved out together. Mom wasn't totally happy about that because they aren't even engaged yet and it didn't sound like Diane was going to make this an exclusive relationship. Dad said that Clark is going to do what he is going to do and maybe in they will eventually marry, but for now this seems to be as much as they are willing to commit to one another.

Author's note: I am not sure what happened. As soon as Clark confessed his attraction to Diane she would not accept anymore romantic action even thought they both had the romantic icon in their relationship panels when I checked.

Clark Berg is now available for download

A short while later it was Lois' birthday and Jimmy was also over because Lois had called him to let him know they could get married today.

It didn't take long for them to start kissing but they didn't stop there and move out like Clark and Diane.



They declared their love for one another and no one else, got engaged, and then got married in the entryway of our home. Then they moved out to start a family; I may have a niece or nephew before too long!

Lois Berg is now available for download
For some reason Clark and Diane make me giggle because they look like such polar opposites.

Martha and Carol are so cute. I love the "shy kiss" interaction. I really miss having pregnancy for everybody like in TS2. I'd love to see what kinda baby the two of them would have. I don't put a lot of stuff in my TS3 game because I don't want to bog it down like my TS2 game. I do have a small configuration of Awesomemod to get rid of some of the annoying behavior.

I haven't decided if I like the TS3 style ghosts or not yet. And, I also wanna know if we can have ghost babies in TS3 why can't we have alien babies? I want me some alien chillins, LOL!

Clark and Diane are the couple I am not sure what to make of, but he kept following her home after school even when I told him to go to work so I wasn't going to fight it. If Clark had won the heir poll I probably would have laughed because he would still end up with her and I am sure some people would have been like, "you let him marry her," because she is not very pretty and as it turns out, not very nice.

I was starting to wonder if Martha was ever going to find someone but after the death of Amy she started rolling wants to befriend Carol, be best friends with her, and then eventually to kiss her so she was making her intentions pretty clear. Kind of made me glad she didn't win because I would hate to break up such a natural couple.

I guess the lack of aliens is because of the addition of the crazy skin colors they now allow in body shop. But I don't think it is the same and I really wish they would add the aliens as well. I do love ghost babies!
You'd talked about aging everyone up and moving them out together. What a nice surprise to see everyone pairing up separately! It's so good to see everyone starting their new lives as adults.

Did the aging start improving? Did Amy die naturally? I am sorry to see her go, but I hope it means that things are progressing more normally now.
You'd talked about aging everyone up and moving them out together. What a nice surprise to see everyone pairing up separately! It's so good to see everyone starting their new lives as adults.

Part of the change in plans was because I am not sure if I could have continued to manage so many Sims in the house. I just finished the first day of the next week and it was much easier only having five Sims to deal with so that is helping.

Did the aging start improving? Did Amy die naturally? I am sorry to see her go, but I hope it means that things are progressing more normally now.

Amy did die naturally, I'm not sure if I know how to make them not die naturally. I think even Amy was ready to go in the end, all of her wants revolved around talking to Belle and her grandchildren for the last week so I think she was ready.

The aging is still off, Hugh and Belle are supposed to be two weeks apart in age, right now they are down to 3 to 5 days. I should probably write down which day of the week Hugh is supposed to age up based on the way the age bar is now, so that if he doesn't age naturally I can use the cake to force it. I should do the same with Belle. I haven't checked the remaining teens, but since I know when they will be aging up anyway that shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, I guess you're playing a completely unhacked game, so I don't know if there is a way to trigger the last transition, i.e. death. Are you allowed to blow out the cake candles as an elder? I guess probably not.

When my game destabilized because of Cycl0n3 ending up duplicated and "immortal," I used Twallan's hack to kill him. It felt kind of awful to do it, but he was only still "alive" because of the game glitch, and the duplicate copy of him in his gravestone was causing all kinds of stability problems. Sims is such a good game. I wish it had fewer bugs.

I really need to get back to posting. I haven't been able to play all week, but I'm still backlogged on posts.
I've never been able to get an elder to blow out the candles so I imagine that is something they prevent from happening in the game.

I'm looking forward to your legacy posts so whenever you get around to it, I will read them :-)
I am sad that Amy died, but she lived a long and happy life and got the legacy off to a good start.
I feel kind of bad for Clark likes Diane much more than she likes him.
I thought I had replied to this via the app while the site wasn't loading but I guess not.

I think Amy was ready to go in the end. She spent the last few days rolling wants to talk to Belle and her grandchildren so I think she knew. If I had thought I could come up with a way to post from Amy's point of view without it seeming weird that she died before she would have posted the thing I might have tried to show that, but I think having a more focused entry is probably better for me in the end anyway (easier to write).

Clark is kind of a sad case (although something has happened already in the game and it is only Monday or Tuesday, but it will be in the next post so I will leave everyone to wonder) because he followed Diane around like a puppy and then as soon as he was actually dateable Diane goes and gets cold feet and I am pretty sure she doesn't have commitment issues. I actually gave Lara the observant trait to make sure whoever she ends up with doesn't have that trait and found out one guy I thought might be the one has it, so we will see if she starts rolling more wants for him, may have just been a "he's on the lot so I rolled a want to talk to him" kind of thing.