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Right now I have some major motivation to get A Very Random Legacy done because Kevin is not sure if by the time we can afford a new desktop for me, if the operating system will work with The Sims and The Sims 2 (others have had problems with the newer ones although they do usually start to work) so we may be back to try to figure out how to make my current desktop more stable so I can finish my going through The Sims, one expansion pack at a time and going through The Sims 2, one expansion pack at a time project.

Kevin figures The Sims 3 should work on new operating systems by the time we can afford a new computer, but the older ones already have problems (The Sims requires installing The Deluxe version at minimum to install on XP) with current operating systems.  My current thinking is to flatten the hard drive (again), install the operating system and drivers, install the first game and then nothing else.   The computer will not go online so there is no chance of viruses and I will use a thumb drive to transfer images from in game to the laptop for posting.  

But first I want to finish this Legacy.  I have yet to finish a Legacy and I really want to be able to say I finished one.  Granted I still plan on finishing the one I have going in The Sims 2 that is backed up on a DVD and will be played through once I finish The Sims project, but the one I am currently playing is much simpler since it isn't super plot ridden and since I don't have to worry about playing other families to keep everyone aging at the same rate, it takes a lot less time.  I'm going to try and spend any time my brain is even slightly working either playing the game or getting a post up for the game.  This may mean that posts aren't always very well written and the amount of text in general may go down in order to decrease the likelihood that what I am saying makes no sense.  

My hope is to get this Legacy played through because when I have two games going at once I am also torn between which one to play and none of them end up getting played.  Hopefully posts will come more regularly although at the rate things have been going it could still be well over a year before I finish.  I am going to see if I can speed up playing a bit by having fewer children in the game and being less directing of what they do and just kind of letting them play themselves.  Hopefully by the time I finish the desktop will still actually turn on although I will probably back up much more regularly than I previously did due to fear of loosing everything.

Now to see if I can find my power cord so I can start the next week's play session.
Good luck with finishing your legacy! I find that I usually hit a stumbling block around generation 2/3 and have never been able to get past generation 3 aging up to teen. I look at these legacies that are on generation 10+ or even 20+ and I kick myself for not even generation 3 started properly.

Playing through the original Sims and Sims 2 one EP at a time is such a great idea. We get so spoiled by having all the EPs installed. I find that I am having quite a lot of fun with Sims 3 by being able to play the game with all the EPs and SPs getting installed in release order and being able to explore each EP before getting to the next one.
I have often found that the expansion packs come out too quickly for me to have fully learned them before the next one comes out. I think lack of knowing how to play the games properly is why when I play with all of the expansion packs installed most of my Sims die horrible deaths from starving because I can't seem to keep them happy enough to earn an income to feed themselves.

I think the longest legacy I have actually managed is this one. Generation 3 is nearly to adult (decided to grow up two this Sim week and the last three at the end of the next Sim week) so I am hopeful that Generation 4 will actually be born. I know who the oldest two will marry and the last three will have their spouses determined at the end of this week depending on who they like the most at the beginning of the next week so that they can build up their relationships with their intended.
You are either much more motivated or a lot less fickle than I. I never can seem to play any game fro start to finish. I have abandoned so many different projects and uglacies and asylums that it is ridiculous. I had a project going in Veronaville that was really very amusing that I really think I may revisit. Only this time I think I will play it on another account on my computer with a completely vanilla game. All the awsomeware I have on my main account makes it take forever for what I had in mind, because the sims don't have the annoyingly stupid behavior that is inherent with an un-altered game. I was calling it The Darwin Project: Veronaville. (Veronaville is my least favorite hood.) I don't know if the title gives up much about what I wag going for, but it really was pretty interesting.

I play different games in fits for a while and then lose interest in them. I always come back to the Curious though ;-) I fired up TS2 for the first time yesterday in probably two months. Was sooooooo annoyed at how long it took to get started.

I haven't seen a post of yours yet that wasn't well written, so I don;t think you need to worry about that. I'm really looking forward to the rest of your Legacy posts.
I haven't seen a post of yours yet that wasn't well written, so I don;t think you need to worry about that.

Thank you very much, you have no idea how much that means to me. When I was in school and at work my writing was one thing that I was always told needed some improvement; it wasn't bad, just not as good as they thought it should be for what I was doing. I've always thought the only thing I could write well was instructions so reading that someone thinks my posts to this journal are well written really means a lot to me. Maybe in all of my efforts to get better at writing in all of the years that I have been playing The Sims, I actually have gotten a little better.

I never can seem to play any game fro start to finish. I have abandoned so many different projects and uglacies and asylums that it is ridiculous.

My number of failed legacies probably is in the hundreds since they would literally start and stop in one week sometimes, many never posted. Even posted attempts have been started and stopped so frequently I could not count how many I deleted off the exchange before I moved here to post. I think a lot of Simmers start off with the best intentions of finishing the legacy they start, but very few ever actually finish them and a lot do seem to die once the founder is no longer in the legacy. If you look at the legacy graveyard on boolprop you will find you are in good company and I am sure a lot of it had nothing to do with game problems, the player just lost interest.

Only this time I think I will play it on another account on my computer with a completely vanilla game.

I have always played a vanilla game; I think for The Sims 2 the only thing I downloaded was the thing you use to extract Sims from the game so I could make children of townies for story purposes. I have often wondered how many people play without mods because it seems like everyone I read stories by use them. I am sure there are plenty of people who don't, they just don't seem to be the ones posting so I rarely seem them. It does also make me wonder if they ever think that maybe it is their mods that make their game slow because it is usually the same people with mods and/or tons of custom content that seem to have the most problems and yet very few ever seem to want to give it up.

When I initially played The Sims I was a downloader, but then I eventually found that all I was doing was downloading and never playing and that seemed to defeat the purpose of the game and is the main reason why I never got into for The Sims 2. I have considered downloading simselves on occasion of the people who follow my Legacies so they can see themselves pop up in game every now and then, but so many simselves have replacement skin, custom hair, or custom eyes and I really want to avoid that in my game so I haven't yet.

Thank you very much for the comment :-)
you've got an inordinate amount of patience and i really hope you stick it out because i'd like to read all of the projects!
I keep joking to Kevin that I am two Sims games behind whatever is currently released (so I should be working out the original game if my desktop hadn't gone so unstable.) I suspect that by the time I make it to playing through The Sims 3 expansion packs they will be on The Sims 5 and I will feel really old compared to the new people just starting the game. But I am determined and I am really hopeful that some how everything will work out.