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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 11 - Children's Week as told by Lara

Thank goodness this is the last post of this week, I was starting to think these would never get posted because my brain just has not been wanting to cooperate. This is also another post I am not totally happy with the text on; it really doesn't sound the way I intended in my head, but at this point I have a feeling it would never get posted if I kept working on it. Hopefully once I play the next week and am ready to write again things will go more easily, if not, the post format will change to make things easier on myself, because this was making me want to cry I was having such a hard time with it.


Yeah for birthday parties and cake. This picture is from Christopher's birthday going from Toddler to Child. Now he is actually big enough to play tag with us.

This is Clark with his girlfriend. He said they aren't actually dating, but he likes to ride home with her on the bus before he goes to work to make sure she gets home safe so I am pretty sure they are going to start dating if they haven't already.

Her name is Diane Bachelor. She seems pretty nice and Clark likes her. I am hoping she comes over to play sometime soon, because it would be nice to have a new friend.

Christopher has decided to take up painting. Mom is really happy about this because she also spends a lot of time painting, I don't really know about painting myself, there are so many other things that I would rather be doing that don't take any where near as long as a painting takes to finish.

I like listening to our stereo and doing jumping jaxes or running in place or stretching or some combination of the three.

Martha prefers to play on her own. She hates going to school, she says there are too many people. I reminded her that there are as many people in our family as there are in our class and she said, "exactly!" whatever that is supposed to mean.

This is me having breakfast in our new dinning room. I like the new house layout, it is all shinny and open and I can shout to anyone I want to talk to or need help from, from pretty much anywhere in the house.

This is me on the bus. Clark says he rides with us to make sure that no one picks on us on the way to school.

Author's note: While you can only see three children on the bus, there are actually five, the two missing children are where that plumbob is showing, both in one spot.

This is me and Martha on our first day of school. Clark made sure we got to the right classroom before he went to the high school part of the school.

By the way, the reason why I am doing all of the talking on this blog post is because after last weeks blog post, grandma and mom went to have a talk with the teacher and the principle about the grade the teacher gave for the last post and the teacher and principle agreed that the assignment didn't really work for a family with so many children and that we would be given special permission to have one person write all of the posts provided that the other four children contributed pictures and told the one writing the posts what was happening in the pictures. I volunteered to do the writing because I plan on being a journalist when I grow up.

When school is out we like to play tag for a while before we start our homework because during school you have to sit for several hours and by the time we get home we just have so much energy waiting to burst out mom said that if we tried to do homework right away we would fidget right out of the chair.

But we do get our homework done. Clark has taken to helping us with our homework if we have any questions. Clark is the most awesomest big brother ever!

Clark also likes to paint; he is so good at it that he can actually paint portraits. I wonder if he will paint my portrait someday. Probably not, I don't think I could stand still that long.

Martha is finally making friends; she says she decides who to go home with after school by who has the fewest siblings with only children being preferred. I think it is really great that she wants to make sure that other kids who don't have siblings have friends to play with after school and work on homework with.

My parents decided that once a week we should try and do something with the whole family that wasn't a birthday party since that seems to be the only time when we are all together, I just wish they would pick places that didn't involve a pool.

This is mine and Martha's birthday party, she is about to become a teen in this picture.

And in this picture I am about to become a teen.

Yeah I grew up and look pretty. It is so different being a teenager, me and my sister decided to get jobs, although we got different jobs, I got one in the bookstore and she got one in the cemetery, oh my goodness that place is so creepy, I have no idea why she decided to work there.

Lois, my older sister now has a boyfriend. Well, not really, she says they are just friends, but he comes over every day now after school and they do "homework" together and then talk until he has to go home. His name is Jimmy by the way.

Diane actually started coming over to visit Clark after work, but he gets off work so late that by the time she gets here they can just say hi and then she has to go back home.

I got them, I told you Lois and Jimmy were getting "close". They are going to get married and have lots of babies with themed named, I just know it.

What is this, oh no Lois, please don't tell me that you are cheating on Jimmy with some random guy in a weird hat. What the heck kind of hat is that any way? Oh no, Jimmy is going to be so upset when he finds out. Lois said she wasn't dating weird hat guy or Jimmy, but I just know that something is up between these two.

Clark and I have the same work schedule so he helps me with my homework because it is hard and the teacher says I don't have the attention span to finish it in one go. I'm not sure what that means but my older sister Lois is the only one of us without a job so she always gets to spend her evenings doing whatever, usually reading if it is too late for Jimmy to be over or phone calls to weird hat guy.

The last birthday of the week was a special surprise birthday. Normally Christopher's birthday would have been on Sunday, but for some reason mom said we were having it on Saturday and Clark invited all of the teens in town to come although some random old people showed up as well.

Christopher is now a teen and old enough to date. I bet he gets a cute girlfriend and they spend lots of time kissing, that would be so romantic.

Grandma played a special concert for Christopher's birthday that everyone enjoyed. I have the most awesome grandma in all of Sunset Valley!

I have also started helping my dad with our garden, it is really large and it takes a while to get through all of the weeding so I thought if two of us were working on it that it would go faster and then he can spend more time with mom like he keeps saying he wants to.
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