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None of these posts were easy for me, but this one seemed to be the hardest to know what to say because Belle's voice just didn't really talk this week. Week 12 may see a change in format to my posting if I keep having a hard time like this week's to something more along the lines of observational with me talking rather than the Sims talking because I really want to finish this legacy and it is not going to happen if posting takes as much out of me as these three did.

This week started with and ended with Christopher's birthday.

The first birthday of the week was Christopher's birthday from a toddler to a child.

It also happened to be my birthday.

I decided to change my look a bit, it's nice not being so formal all of the time now.

Little Christopher has started taking up painting; he didn't seem too excited about me having him stand in front of his first painting for a picture but I like documenting each of my children's milestones.

I have also invested in some more businesses in town to make sure that all of my children have a source of income no matter what.

The investment I was most happy to make was in the theater my mom has worked in for so long. This theater has been such a big part of my mom's life for so long I wanted to give her the deed as a retirement present when she told me she was thinking it was time to put the guitar down.

We have been remodeling the home several times to figure out the best way to make sure there is plenty of room for everyone. I think the newest plan is best because it is open and I can keep track of everyone even from my study.

Martha found this strange little gnome while she was out and about in town. I swear this thing moves around when we are not looking, but I have yet to be able to find proof.

We have been trying to find more things we can do as a family now that the kids are all old enough to participate. The pool is a popular choice with most of our children, although Lara seems to be less excited about swimming than everyone else which is surprising because she is normally looking to try new things all of the time.

Hugh is still the love of my life. Every day he pulls me in for a kiss and tells me how much he loves me.

We don't get quite as much alone time as we did before the children came, but we try to make sure to get a date night each week where we lock the door to our bedroom and don't let anyone in.


Martha and Lara had their teen birthdays near the end of the week. For some reason the school messed up their schedules and because they aged on Thursday morning, they weren't able to start high school until Friday.

Lois has started bring home a friend from school more regularly, a nice boy named Jimmy. I'm not sure if there is anything to this, but I am glad to see my children making friends with people outside of just their siblings.

Of course I am happy that my kids all seem to be best friends with each other; life is always easier when you have people to support you that you know you can rely on.

We decided to invest in bikes for everyone in the family other than my mom. She has her own car, got it as a reward for reaching the top of the music charts, but everyone else was always relying on the taxis whenever they wanted to go anywhere and Clark kept asking to use the car. Since we didn't think it would be very economical to buy a car for everyone, we decided to go with the bikes instead.

I have such great children, they are all so smart, all A students.

The last birthday of the week as I mentioned at the beginning of this week's post was also Christopher's. Since the school messed up the twins schedule we decided to let him have his birthday a day early to make sure he was able to start school on Monday instead of having a day off that would have him behind his classmates in work load.

As they say, the family that skills together, stays together. Lara is outside working on the garden. Hugh does most of the work on the garden, but Lara said she wanted to learn more about gardening and offered to take over the weeding on the weekend.
I love how close the family is. :) And I bet it is nice having everyone old enough to take care of themselves.
It is definitely less hair pulling now, but I do think the activity table for toddlers and children is the best thing in the game because all of the kids were best friends by the time they aged to children. I'm still not sure how the parents and Amy managed to become friends with the kids, especially when they were children.

I will be happy when all of the non-heirs move out because I think part of my problem with figuring out how to write this is how scattered the playing is with so many Sims in the house. I have a feeling Lara and whoever her husband is will only have one or two children depending on wether or not the first one is a girl.