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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 11 - Amy's Week

So the three posts for this week took a lot longer to write than I had intended, probably because my desire of growing my hair out was causing a lot of head and neck pain and that is not very helpful when trying to do anything. So my hair is once again, buzzed to within in a few centimeters of my scalp and while my mental fogging is still slowing me down, I am not totally out right now so I am attempting to get the three posts up today. I did have Kevin read these over before I uploaded them and he said they sounded okay, but I am still not totally happy with the writing, but considering how long I have been trying to get this together I decided to just post and move on; hopefully the next week will be better, maybe I should start taking actual notes again.

I am trying to decide if I should figure out when each of the non-heirs would have been supposed to move out or just move them all out at the end of two weeks of Sim time since no one seems to want to age any more other than Amy and even that seems like it has slowed down.

It is amazing to think that when I first moved to Sunset Valley I was living in a 4x4 shack that didn't even have a toilet and now I live in a four bedroom home with two toilets rooms and two bathtub rooms. We have a kitchen, a dinning room that is primarily used for homework, a sitting room and a study room that is primarily used by Belle for writing her novels and painting.

It seems like so long ago when my life here started and yet it really hasn't been that much time at all, 77 days, 11 weeks, I know my time is coming to a close on this world, but I have done so much and I am loved by so many, I'm not afraid, and I am looking forward to being with my beloved Stiles in the afterlife.

Author's note: I have no idea how she is still alive, I would have thought she would be gone by now, but Amy seems to have no desire to leave this world.

But I am not dead yet! Yes, I think about death more now, but I still get out on a regular bases. Fans like to give me stuff and I have no problem taking it. If they want to give me food and money, who am I to complain?

I preform concerts almost every night, sometimes two in an evening on the weekends since a lot of people work during the week. We have been working on getting posters and tee shirts made to sell at the concerts.

Author's note: I sort of have a tee shirt working now in game using part of this image as the pattern. Still need to work on one for a wall paper, but I wanted to get the tee shirt pattern done first.

I have also been helping the new clubs in town get their sound systems and acoustic setup and sounding good so that future generations of Sims can get into the music career without having to play in the park all the time. I know some people like the park but I only did it because I had to, not because I wanted to.

I still like to read the occasional book when I have nothing else to do. The house is a lot more quiet now that everyone is in high school and most have after school jobs.

Of course, sometimes the dinner table gets filled once they do get home and we all study together. I'm glad we are just about done with children in this household; I love my grandkids but they are a lot less annoying when they aren't asking for food and toys every second of the day.

I've been talking to Clark about his over protective nature around his siblings, letting him know that I understand where it is coming from, but that he does have to let them meet people when they are at school and eventually his younger sisters will get married and have families of their own whether he wants them to or not. I am trying to encourage him not to be like I was when I was a teen because I know he has the potential for a great life.

There were three birthdays this week, the twins, who you can see as teens in the picture, and the youngest, Christopher. I guess after my talk with Clark he took it upon himself to set up a birthday party for the littlest Berg and invited every teen in Sunset Valley he knew.

Christopher asked if I could play at his birthday party, I said yes. This is also, in a way my farewell concert, I have decide to retire in the morning. I'm 90 days old and it is time for me to step down and let someone else provide the voice for the music.
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