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So I gave the poll a week on here and boolprop and Lara had twice as many votes as the next highest person, in this case Clark. Fortunately since the twins birthdays were near the end of the week it shouldn't be too long to get another update done play wise, it is most likely to be the writing that takes the bulk of the time.

Based on the way the aging is going it looks like all of the teens are going to become adults in the same week due to the messed up aging going on, my plan is to age them all up on the same day and move the four spares out into one house together and hope they find spouses and have kids on their own free will. Since I have spent no time looking for spouses for any of them yet and I already know who the heir is, I am not going to stress on the four that are not producing the next generation in the Legacy house, should make the next two weeks of Sim play much easier to manage. If any of them throw wants to date someone in high school I will of course try to grant those wishes, but the only one I am worried about finding a spouse for is Lara. Hopefully we won't have another near elder spouse in whoever Lara marries.

Lara should be the easiest to write for as she actually a lot like me in real life so hopefully that will make the writing be easier to do on her part.
Yay Lara! Though I'll be sorry to see Clark go.