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I managed to get a couple of screen shots of Amy rocking out on her guitar on a stage at one of the community lots I placed and I thought it would be really cool to have a poster of her in the house, but now I am not sure how to do that.  I vaguely remember something about being able to paint from pictures on the cell phones, but no one was there with her to do that (although I could always send her back with a family member this time, but with my memory, I am not sure if I am remembering something that is actually possible, or just something I thought would be nice to have, arg my brain can be annoying sometimes!!!).  I was thinking an actual poster, that would be in buy mode would be nice, because then I could put one up at both of the fake clubs I have in the game and randomly have people stop and look at it through out the generations of the game.

I also need to see if I can figure out how to make it a tee shirt.  I have the pattern maker, but I don't want Amy's face all over the shirt, just in the center like shirts you get at concerts, maybe with so dates on the back like it is a tour shirt, but I would be happy with just her face on the front.

Does anyone know if there is an object editor that would work on a mac?  I am willing to do the work myself, I am just not sure where to begin looking (I went through a few forums, but didn't notice threads about making stuff).  If someone can just point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
I've made t-shirt patterns with the Create-A-Pattern. They repeat on the back and, in some cases, may show a little of the pattern on the sleeves, but I've been pleased with the results.

You need to add your picture to the lower half, in about the middle - if I remember right - I recently made some 'fake' paintings and I'm sure that the picture was in that same place as the t-shirts.

If you do, then maybe export the pattern as plastics so that it will be easy to find as, depending on the background colour you use, the pattern is most likely to appear as a plain white square (if you use the white background.)

I posted about making the fake paintings on Carl and Pam's Sims 3 forum - with illustrations - if you'd like a look.

I'll be back with the link...