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Yeah, heir poll time.  So while I realize my plan was/is a matriarchy, I decided to throw the guys in here anyway, because I do like them, and I have been having a hard time deciding if I should abandon the matriarchy plan.  The original reason for the matriarchy is that sometimes you marry in a female Sim and they are one day away from becoming an elder but you didn't know that because they were a teen the previous day (i.e. what happened with Hugh, but at least he was male) so if one of the guys gets enough votes that will decide it for me.  

The main point of the heir poll right now is to help me focus the game play and picture taking because with five kids running around in the house and around town I am having a really hard time paying attention to all of them.  Whoever wins the poll will be the voice of the children until they are adults so pick based on who you want to hear talk (last week's children's post is the best place to see how I will be writing the oldest 4).  I try to pick one or two of the traits of each one and write to that trait if that helps, I have put these in bold, although the may change depending on what the fifth trait turns out to be.

Also, for some reason Clark regressed in age so the game now thinks he is only one day older than Lois and Lois hasn't aged since she aged up.  Aging is on and I checked to make sure everything is to the defaults on the options page so I have no idea what is going on, but at this rate, they will probably look like quintuplets by the time they all make it to adults.  I am trying to remember what days they aged up on, but that is not working out so well so for now, I will just continue with the very slow aging and hope it all evens out in the end.

Lois Berg
Lois Berg

Couch Potato, No Sense of Humor, Clumsy, Neat

Likes: Pop, Grilled Salmon, Lilac
Lara Berg
Lara Berg

Excitable, Athletic, Hydrophobic, Over Emotional

Likes: Kids, Grilled Salmon, Grey
Martha Berg
Martha Berg

Absent-Minded, Loner, Inappropriate, Never Nude

Likes: Kids, Stu Surprise, Spiceberry
Clark Berg
Clark Berg

Loves the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Artistic, Mean Spirited (Clark has never once acted mean or rolled the want to be mean so I have been interpreting it as over-protective)

Likes: Latin, Goopy Carbonara, Grey
Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg

Evil, Artistic, Easily Impressed

Likes: Pop, Autumn Salad, Sea Foam
I vote for Lara. I love the way you are interpreting her hyper and distractable.

(BTW: I *loved* the bit with Amy stalking Stiles' ax-wife.)

I'm having trouble since the last patch with Cylcl0n3. He seems to have stopped aging at 100 days, and he's lost the option to Return to the Netherworld when I click the gravestone in his inventory.

I find it interesting that you're not seeing the negative personality traits manifest. Jared Frio from generation 1 was Mean Spirited, and he went around autonomously harassing Susie and Lance all the time. Now, I don't seem to recall that he talked smack to Connor much. They had a very close relationship. So I wonder if you're not seeing Mean Spirited and Dislikes Children because your characters have close relationships with their family members.
Marked as a Lara vote (I see her as a lot like me with the excitable and over-emotional trait so she is easy to write).

Most of the stuff in my Sim's inventory has become unselectable unless they got it after the patch, which is annoying because Hugh picked up a whole bunch of cut gems out of the mail right before I patched and I hadn't decided where to put them but now I can't select them from his inventory. I am hoping that whenever he passes on and they move to someone else in the home's inventory, that they will then be selectable, because there were quite a few of them. Guess anytime there is a new patch we will have to remember to empty inventories before installing it.

Clark is best friends with everyone in the household and has the highest scores with this siblings because of the activity table and the fact that they all play tag almost every day after school once I figured out how to make tag allow more than two people to play. But he also has a couple of people he knows from school that he has never been mean to that he only barely knows, but maybe he just hasn't spent enough time with them yet. We shall see, he still has like 12 days if I don't just go ahead and age him up. Would be funny if they all ended up aging to young adult on the same day, would make it easier to move all of the spares into a house together.
I also vote for Lara! I loved how you wrote for her voice in that last update, so this was an easy choice for me. I also love her blond hair, so double win!
I already knew you would vote for Lara :-) she is a fun Sim, rolls the want for the largest variety of things and she is pretty which never hurts.
I'm not sure. If you want a girl I would also vote for Lara, but if it was open I might vote for Clark.
I can go with either a girl or a boy. I was planning on it being one of the girls, but Clark was such and adorable child and he is such a sweetheart as a teen, helping the little kids with their homework and playing with them on his own, it made me think he should have a chance as heir despite my concerns over how old his future spouse might be when she ages from teen (has not actually been selected yet so I don't know who it will be).

So shall I put you down for Clark or do you want to stick with Lara?
I don't know! It seems like Lara is getting all the votes anyway-which one do you prefer?
I like them both. I could see Clark being interesting because I see him as the over protective father telling all of the boys in town to stay away from his daughter(s) if he has any. But Lara is a lot like me so she would be really easy to write because I am excitable and over emotional and before the disability came on I used to exercise for at minimum an hour a day, most days two hours so I could really go for both, hence the reason for the heir poll.

If I had left it solely up to myself I probably would have picked Martha just because she would be the most difficult of the five to play and I like a challenge ;-D
I really like Clark. :) That is who I will vote for.
Yeah, love for Clark.

Based on this and the boolprop poll I should probably have linked to, it looks like it is a race between Clark and Lara although I think Lara is winning so far. Going to try and give it a whole week to give my brain a rest because I can only get through about half a day of play per actual day of time right now.

boolprop heir poll