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Last post of the week for this Legacy.

This was really hard to write. I considered doing four separate posts, one for each child, but then decided that would be worse than trying to get all four of them to write in one post. Next week the girls will be teens so I will throw and heir poll up as soon as that happens and then whoever wins is the only one that will be talking next week unless someone chimes in a lot while I am playing.

I think once all of the kids are in school I am going to rip down the whole house and then rebuild because it is just a tad too small for eight Sims.

Lois: So because there are so many of us, the teacher said that we could have a joint journal so long as whoever was in the picture commented on the picture, so you will see our names next to our comments.

Clark: Grandma likes to come get us up in the morning for breakfast, she says when mom was little she could cook her own breakfasts and that we should consider ourselves lucky we don't have to do that.

Clark: After school Lois and I spent some time playing in the park next to the school because mom said she needed to get something ready before we got home.

Lois: I keep falling down the slide, but it is less work than climbing on the other stuff in the park.

Clark: I guess what mom was getting ready for was my teen birthday. The lady in the background is a babysitter who was there to watch after the babies but she seemed more interested in getting some cake.

Lois: I love birthday, I really want that cake.

Clark: So yeah, I grew up. Mom isn't happy about the shirt I picked, but I told her not to worry about it.

Author's note: Clark rolled Mean Spirited, but he totally acts like a big teddy bear softy; I am starting to think these traits mean nothing in the game.

Clark: I'm still a big brother and pretty much everything I want to do revolves around making sure that my younger siblings are happy and safe because if anyone messes with them, I will make them pay.

Clark: I decided to help mom and dad with the Potty Training for Christopher, he actually did pretty well on his own once I got him on the chair, it is just more about him remembering to get on the chair than anything else.

Lois: Mom tries to make sure that she checks in with us on our homework every night after school. I always get mine done on my own, but she likes to make sure that if we do need any help we get it.

Lois: Once I am done with homework I like to play in the sprinklers. I am glad we live somewhere, where it is always warm outside so I can play in the water.

Lois: For a school project the teacher told us to find stars on a list she gave us that would be out that night and list them in order of brightness. You know how hard it is to try and tell how bright a star is when they all look like little dots!

Clark: So now that I am in high school I have more time to hang out with my best friend Palo Wan; he is pretty cool.

Clark: He is a year behind me, but we still have a lot in common so we hang out after school a lot.

Clark: We frequently do homework together; I always get stuck in art trying to figure out who painted what.

Clark: Palo and I try to find new places to hang out sometimes, there is a lot Sunset Valley we have never been to because before now we were too small.

Lois: I told mom I wanted to change my hair because it is always falling in my face while I am doing my homework. I think I like this much better.


Lois: I didn't know these pictures were taken. Who took these? Mom!!!!

Author's note: I just discovered the play with mirror interaction. This is part of why I am only playing with the base game, it will probably take me 10 generations to find all of the things you can do in the game and I am sure there will still be stuff I am missing.


Clark: Lois and I still like to play in the backyard, tag has always been one of our favorite games.

Lois: Sometimes we pretend like we are super heros chasing after the bad guys to bring them to justice.

Clark: One of the places I discovered while roaming the town is this club that no one goes to, so I brought my mom and grandma since it was big enough for us all to play our guitars on stage.

Author's note: I guess the patch also gave me "bars" from Late Night since I do not remember seeing these before and I know I didn't download them. Once I finally found plots of land big enough to hold the lots (40x40) I added them and then went in and added the actual bars, seating, and a few more fun items so that Sims might stay there for longer than a couple of minutes, of course, no one showed up anyway so I have to figure out what is wrong.

Lois: I love having so many siblings, it is nice to know that no matter what you are doing, if you want to play with someone there is always at least one other person who wants to play as well.

Clark: Time for the twins birthday party, more little sisters for me to worry about at school and make sure the boys in their class don't pick on them.

Lois: Finally, I am going to have some girls in my class, there seem to be nothing but boys at our school, yuck!

Clark: This is Lara, she is the only one in our family with blonde hair, must be a recessive gene. Hope I get bonus points for putting stuff I learned in school in my journal post this time.

Teacher: You don't get bonus points for journal entries.

Amy: Why not, it's homework, he didn't have to get all scientific on his journal if he didn't want to.

Teacher: Fine +1 to his grade.

Amy: About time!

Author's note: Lara rolled Hydrophobic, which doesn't really change her personality.

Clark: Dad brought Martha to the cake, her hair looks exactly like his.

Lois: Grandma always yells really loud at birthday parties, something about being one step closer to not bugging her. I wonder what that means.

Author's note: Martha's rolled Inappropriate; why do I even bother raising them well if I end up with nothing but bad traits?

Lara: I want to try everything! As soon as I was old enough to read I decided to take a writing class. The writing class was so much fun but the teacher said I need to slow down when I talk because people can't understand what I am saying. Ooooh, what is that, shinny!

Lara: I also like to exercise, my mom says if I am not running or exercising that I fidget too much.

Martha: I like to read as well, I just prefer doing it someplace where I will not be bothered by anyone. I don't like large crowds, fortunately I don't mind my large family.

Martha: I also try to help mom and dad with raising Christopher because they are both really busy.

Clark: I decided to get a job because it would seem pretty lame having to ask my mom for money when I want to buy something. There is nothing in particular that I have in mind to buy, but if I do find something I want, it would be nice not to have to ask for it.


Author's note: Just showing off how I updated the kids rooms now that they are all finally sleeping where they are supposed to be.

Lara: No one seems to want to ride the bus to school any more. Martha left before anyone else so she could get some alone time and everyone else left on their bikes. Ooooh, something shinny on the back of the bus driver's head.

Lois: I don't like riding the bus, I keep getting gum stuck to my shoes.

Lois and Lara: We both end up at school at the same time anyway.

Teacher: This doesn't count as both commenting on the picture, you each have to say something different about it.

Amy: To the teacher, what in the heck do you expect them to say about this picture, it is just a picture of them arriving at school, I am surprised they even included it because there is almost nothing you could possibly say about this.

Teacher: I will let it slide this time!

Clark: Mom said that if we all got our homework done before Saturday that we were going to get to do something special.

Lois: I think mom is just trying to get us to get our homework done, I know it is my birthday tomorrow, but I haven't heard of any other plans.

Lara: Clark, can you help me with this problem, Math is hard.

Clark: Sure Lara, what is the questions?

Random babble between Clark and Lara on Math and how hard it is...

Lois: Since it is my birthday I told Clark, Lara, and Martha they don't have to comment, just me. I am so excited about going into high school with Clark. Clark gets to do so many more things than I do because I have been too small.

Teacher: You are all supposed to comment.

Amy: Do you know how hard it is for four children to find something different to say about one photo?

Belle: I think the teacher is just being lazy, she is the one that told them it was okay to all post on one journal so she wouldn't have to read the same week over and over again.

Amy: Maybe you should report this to the principle.

Teacher: Fine, they only have to write about it if they have something to say, but they should all still try to write about any photo they are in.

Author's note: Lois rolled Neat, does the happy dance because now I have a Sim that will make beds without me telling them too. Also, the longer I look at her the more beautiful she seems to become. When I first saw her I wasn't sure what to think, but now I think she turned out very nicely. I think she is also going to keep the hair she grew into because I am really liking it on her.

Lara: We went to the beach as a way to celebrate everything that happened this week. I don't like water, but it was nice to all go out as a family. I spent most of the time playing with Christopher because he is too small to go in the pool yet.

Clark: After the beach we all went to the restaurant my family has a part ownership in. It was cool, all of us actually sitting down to a meal together.

Lois: We really need to try and do this more often. I know, maybe we can go to a movie together next week!

Lara: That would be cool, even if our parents don't go, we could get grandma to take us, she has influence at the theater and could get us in for free I am sure.

Martha: Trying to use grandma to get in to a movie for free is wrong, but it would be nice to go see a movie.

Lara: Martha, I am not trying to use grandma, she told me she gets to watch movies and concerts for free because she worked there for so long. Besides, I think grandma would have fun going out with all of her grandkids every once in a while.

Martha: Whatever...
I like how each of the kids is very different. And I love that they all try to help each other out so that their parents don't have to do so much work.
Trying to make sure I incorporated the kids traits into the comments did make writing this take a lot longer, but it also helps me to show how which ever one ends up as the heir will be written for when the heir poll goes up.

I think the activity table probably helped make all of the kids best friends since all of them have played at it together. Easiest way to make best friends out of children I have found so far. So far I think having the kids be best friends is why they all roll wants to play with each other and do homework with each other all the time.
It's very fun to hear each of the kids and their different "voices". I think Lara is my favorite so far!
Lara is probably one of the easier Sims to write because she is excitable and so I'm having her talk sort of the way I do when I am really in to something, which is rapid fire and a lot of information. My father once called me 28 going on 5 when I got excited about going to see a movie (I think it was a Harry Potter one) because I couldn't stop talking and was jumping up and down. I am still basically like that in my 30s, although the jumping has decreased with the dizziness and joint pain.

I am trying to keep the Sims traits in mind when I write them in order to avoid them all sounding the same so I am glad it seems to be coming across the way I intended.