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Now for Belle's account of the week.

These posts took longer to get up because it took a lot longer to play with 8 Sims in the house and probably also doesn't help that I can feel my brain slowing down. So long as I don't get too many indicators that my spelling is off I am going to continue hoping that my posts make sense, but if I slow down much more there will likely be a long break in the posting coming up while I wait for my brain to recover. If you do see posts/comments that don't make much sense or seem to be dropping/misusing words, please let me know, I don't always have Kevin proof read these and I need to know if I am still writing okay.

Mom suggested that Hugh and I needed to get out more because we spend all of our days with the kids. I told her I do get writing and painting done while at home too but she thought that we needed more out of the home time.

Hugh ran off to the cemetery for some reason.

I found out later that Hugh decided to get a job there. I don't really know why he decided to work there, he just smiled and said he liked being there for people in mourning.

Author's note: Really it is just that Hugh is evil and I figured he would get a kick out of working somewhere living people typically feel pain as he always gets the moodlet for seeing other people suffering. Doesn't actually work, but I don't wanted to get him a part-time job and I hadn't done this one yet.

I decided to go back to the bookstore; we are part-owners so I felt it was important to be there on a regular basis.

The babies are doing well; Martha and Lara are best friends and can spend hours playing with each other at the activity table.

Christopher also became a toddler and was quickly snapped up by everyone to play with.

As usual I think everyone was involved in the potty training.

Clark, my first baby is had a very big birthday as well this week...

Clark is now a teenager!

He is so handsome; I am a little concerned about his new fashion sense. He said not to worry about it so I am going to trust him to make good decisions in life.

Author's note: He rolled Mean Spirited as his last trait which I nearly changed because it goes so against how he has always behaved. Oddly, even with the trait active he still ended up acting like an angle and playing with his younger siblings all the time.

With school aged children in the house I spent a lot of time helping them with their homework. They are all very smart children and are able to do their work on their own, but I have always felt that when the parent is active in the child's education, they get a lot more out of it.

Little Christopher in his new outfit. I am not sure why Hugh put him in all strips, but Christopher is adorable no matter what.

Author's note: Christopher has the Evil trait and for some reason I decided to dress and decorate not only in their favorite colors, but also in things that are themed to their traits. Get it, Evil, kind of looks like the striped outfits cartoon criminals always end up in (here in real life they are in orange I think).

The girls also got new matching outfits in their favorite colors.

Whenever Hugh and I are at work mom takes over the child caring and has yet to complain once.

We have been going out more to see some of the new places that have opened up around town that allow the whole family to find things to do. One of the first places we went to was a club Clark found.

Not long after Clark's birthday came the twins childhood birthdays.

Lara went first for the age transition.

Author's note: She rolled Hydrophobic which doesn't actually add much to her personality.


Then came Martha...

Author's note: Martha in the red rolled Inappropriate (she should be a real ball of fun to play with)

Of course, in between all of the birthdays I am still going to work daily and glad my mom suggested we get out more. I never thought working at the bookstore would be a good way to relax after a day taking care of my children.

Friday night and it is almost the end of the week. I told the kids that if they got all of their homework done that night that we would do something special tomorrow. I am sure they just think it is Lois' teen birthday, but I have more planned for the day to help celebrate.

I also finished up working on my 8th book. I have been writing a lot of Fiction and Non-Fiction books because they go over well and they don't seem to take me that long to write.

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time for Lois to become a teen.

She is so striking. I can't believe how beautiful all of my girls are.

Author's note: She rolled Neat; yes, someone else who will clean without me telling them to.

Once we cleaned up after Lois' birthday I told the kids what the surprise was, we were going to visit the beach. A new community center had opened up that looked really relaxing and had lots of things I thought everyone would enjoy.

Most of us spent the whole day in the pool.

Of course Lara didn't want to be in the pool so she spent a lot of time playing with Christopher who is still a little too small to go swimming.

Christopher adores his siblings and so he was ecstatic to play peek-abo all afternoon.

Afterwards mom suggested we go out to eat; since it wasn't too far away we all ran down the trail to the restaurant.

We made it to the restaurant and once inside everyone had a good time.

Of course we still occasionally need a babysitter for Christopher, but he seems to love everyone so he doesn't seem to mind when everyone is out at their various jobs and school activities.
All of their kids are so good looking. I love that you dressed Christopher in the black and white stripes. :)
Thanks, I think he aged up into a jail cell looking pair of pjs and that sort of spawned the "all his clothing would look like he was in jail". Since his favorite color is sea foam, which looks white on the screen the white stripe is actually a very light green, although you can't really tell looking at it.