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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 10 - Amy's Week

Oh my goodness 8 people in the house is too many! I have decided that from here on out the only way they get more than two is if the second one is twins or the first one is triplets because Christopher nearly didn't learn his toddler skills and the game kept having to remind me to hire a babysitter because in the process of trying to keep everyone occupied so they wouldn't just stand around looking stupid I kept forgetting and sending everyone teen and up off lot at the same time.

Anyway, Amy is still into smack talking and rolling very fun wants (like to steal something almost every night) so while this is a short post compared to the other two for this week, it was still fun to write.

There are so many children in this house the only time I can have a break is when they are all at school and Christopher is down for his nap. So much happened this week, but I am sure you don't want to hear about ever little birthday party so I'll skip over most of that.

This is the ex-wife's house, Stiles' ex-wife that is, I found it when I followed her home from the park last week.

I decided to pay a visit, but I never made it inside.

What they don't know won't hurt them, besides, not like anyone actually uses these lights. This home is full of old people, you know old people are always in before night fall. Don't look at me, I'm not old, I just like grey hair, keeps the fans from getting too frisky.

What do we have in here?

I haven't done this in a while, but if I am going to know what the little tramp who got Stiles for all those years was like, going through her trash is a good way to find out.

What on earth is that?

Oh my goodness, that is just nasty, who would wear something like that?

Okay, probably not the best transition, but I still hang out with the grandkids; something about them I just can't stay away from.

This is the youngest, Christopher, I was trying to teach him to walk.

He is a smart little bugger and he is definitely a bugger, kid is always looking for attention.

I've started training young musicians in the art of playing the guitar; got make sure the music stays alive even when I am gone.

Of course I am primarily working with Belle and Clark; they both enjoy listening to music and this way they can pass it on.

As previously mentioned, there were a lot of birthdays, five in all. Clark became a teen, as did Lois. Lara and Martha both became children and little Christopher became a toddler. I really hope Belle and Hugh don't have any more kids, I don't know if I could take another round of baby raising.

But I do love them, seems like every time I have a free moment I can't help myself, I just have to play with them.

Author's note: Amy, who Dislikes Children, if left on idle will go and find a baby/toddler/or child and start playing with them, every single time. I have to tell her to do something else since the dislikes children moodlet brings her mood down.

I also decided to take up painting, don't know how much of it I will actually do with it, but it gives me something to do when all of the kids are at school or asleep.
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