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I know a few of my LiveJournal friends are playing The Sims 3 so this is primarily geared towards them, but if any Sims 2 players have suggestions for how to remind yourself to send Sims out on the town, I will take those as well.

So ever since my Legacy Sims had way too many babies (I was only planning on two but I am a sucker for those rolled wants they throw at me) I realized they only leave the house now to go to work and since Amy's job only says preform concerts, she no longer has regular hours, she only goes out when I remember it is after 3 pm and I can send her to do a concert.  I did get Belle and Hugh part-time jobs just to make sure they get out of the home once a day to avoid the stir crazy moodlet.  I am trying to remember to cancel all of the come home right after work things so that they can spend some time wandering around town because there has been some autonomous friend making (Hugh had no problem getting his lifetime want after a couple of visits to the park and wandering around town because of the phone).  

I did download and place the beach lot I made before for the Star Trek story to give them another place to visit and it seems that I have two more community lots I could place, but they are too big for any of the open lots I have so I need to find some flat areas to put them in.  What I am trying to determine is how best to make sure they go on family outing.  What do Sims 3 players think are the best community areas for families with lots of small children (that come with the game, I generally don't do a lot of downloading because I too go crazy when I start or I am too picky).  By the end of this week there will only be one toddler so I think that will make it easier but I am trying to avoid having the rest of this legacy only take place on the home lot because that will get old really fast.

By the way, game has been out for two years and this Legacy was the first time I figured out how to have more than one person "going with" the Sim to the dinner when I had Amy, Belle, and Stiles go out to eat so that tells you how behind I am on figuring this game out.

Just a reminder, only working with the base game here.  I might build another community lot or two, but suggestions for what would be good for the kids besides swings would help because I am afraid the kids will get fussy quickly with whatever I build.
Hi, I didn't even know my journal showed up in Google searches for anything so that is kind of cool. I will check out your journal in a little bit, I always enjoy reading new Legacies.

I did the group outing to the restaurant by holding down the shift key while selecting who should go with Amy to the restaurant. It seems to work with everyone, although you cannot send a toddler to the restaurant which is a shame, lots of real places have high chairs for babies.

I'll have to try the playing catch, I haven't had anyone do that yet (at least not successfully). I add a slide to the main park so hopefully when I remember to get them to go there I will be able to have the kids play on the playground.
It hadn't even occurred to me to hold down the shift key to do a multi-select. I'm going to have to experiment with that. I agree that you ought to be able to bring a toddler, especially into the rabbit hole restaurants. They wouldn't even have to actually make high chairs available, since you can't see the Sims anyway.

To play catch, you have to have a ball in your inventory. I think you might have to click on the ball in inventory to get the interaction option, though I'm not sure. I know that's how it works for getting help with your homework, and it took me a while to figure that out.

It also hadn't occurred to me to just edit the park to add a better playground. I did succeed a while back in holding a birthday party at the park. I bought a cake in buy mode, then switched back to normal mode and moved the cake into somebody's inventory. Then I pulled the cake out of the inventory and put it on a table at the park. Worked like a charm. The park is one of the few places you can actually handle the crowd of people clamoring for cake without generating a multi-sim-hour traffic jam.
I may have to try the birthday in the park idea, all of the birthdays from the last week would grind the game to a halt and it was just dealing with the people in the family so I am not sure what is going on there.

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I read through your Legacy so far and loved it, will send a longer comment either via message here or if I can post a comment directly on your blog hosting the legacy I will do that.