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There are three other videos on my YouTube page, but since I know these sometimes take a while to load I'll just say go there if you want to see them.

They are very cute. :)
They are and they have some very adorable behaviors.
What an amazing view you have. Just watched your other videos too, especially liked the finches. Thanks for sharing the videos.

The deer too, they seemed so close (though that could be deceptive because of the video camera). Think I also noticed that trap that you talked about. Not sure how 'nice' it was of the landlord to put it so close to your fence.
Kevin said the deer were about 20 yards away from the window when I asked him how close he thought they were. Still, close enough that we had to stay very quiet because when our cat Edmon decided we were paying too much attention to them instead of what we are supposed to be doing (in his mind) paying attention to him, they all shot their heads up and looked directly at us before moving on to the much more open area on the property.

Fortunately since the landlord caught the skunk he hasn't put one right next to our fence again; further evidence that he probably got sprayed. The one in the video we have never seen with an animal in it because that is the one in their orchard and the fence is tall enough and has a small enough grid to it that the squirrels don't try to climb over. The one that was next to our fence was on the other side of the house, behind a wooden fence that doesn't always touch the ground which is how everything gets in our backyard because the fence itself is eight feet high.

The finches are pretty awesome and cute, I've got a couple more videos of them I have to check and make sure aren't too jittery and a very short one of a fox that may or may not be high enough quality to actually see so hopefully I will have a couple more to add to youtube once I remember to download the videos to the laptop.