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Part 3 and the final post of Week 9. Since this has become a rather heavy legacy up until this week I wanted to make sure that there was something super cute and light hearted this week and Clark just fit the bill. Clark may not be in the running for heirship, but oh how I love him so much and every time I look at him he looks like he is just saying, "hi, I'm cute, you love me don't you, can I be heir?"

Not sure how next week's Children's post will go, may have them decide to share the journal and fight over what to say about each picture, that would be cute wouldn't it?

Hey there, I'm Clark, my teacher said I am supposed to write about my week each week; guess everyone has to do that here.

I am cute and I am sure everyone loves me. My life is great!

I go to school here with the rest of the kids in Sunset Valley.

I like to paint!

I am cute aren't I!

Author's note: Clark just may change this from a matriarchy to a whoever I think is cutest, oh my goodness I just want to hug him!

Homework is hard, but everyone in my family studies a lot so I am trying to keep up.

When my twin baby sisters had their birthday I was so happy because it meant I could play with them some.

I love my baby sisters and if anyone messes with them they are going to have to answer to me! I will not let anyone hurt them!

Yeah, Lois is big enough to play games with me now, I am so happy, I hope she likes to play.

Author's note: Lois's third trait was No Sense of Humor. And why do all of my kids go cross-eyed when they age up?

Do you think she is going to want to play with me.

We both like playing with our little sisters and hope that once our baby brother is big enough that he will be able to join us.

Yeah, I'm cute and you know it :-)

Clark is adorable! :)
Yeah, I really lucked out with him. Some of the Sims 3 children just look odd, but he came out pretty well.