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Part 2 of the 3 part post and now we have how Belle saw the week. I am seriously considering putting Belle and Hugh into part time jobs to prevent the stir-crazy moodlet that was so close to coming this week since they only left the lot twice in the whole week. I swear these two live with WooHoo and have baby wishes perpetually in their want panels, even after they have a baby, 30 Sim minutes later, the wants roll right back into the panel. I don't know why I kept giving into them, guess I kind of fell in love with Hugh and Belle because they are so lovely dovey and I love happy, sappy, lovely dovey couples.

So last time I posted I was pregnant, again, I am still pregnant right now. I think mom believes Hugh and I are trying to make up for the fact that we were both only children by having lots of children. There may be some truth in that, but I love my little babies, they mean the world to me.

How could you not love that little face? Clark is an absolute angle, always smiling and happy.

Lois is also a good girl, here I am working on teaching her new words. There is a lot of evidence that says children learn the bulk of their vocabulary when they are young.

Of course sometimes Lois says a word I didn't say, but is more a reflection of how I feel. I guess that is good. It is really hard keeping up with two children when you are pregnant, especially when they are both toddlers.

Clark and Lois seem to get along really well together. We bought Lois a doll house and Clark had no problem playing with her.

I think they are going to be the best of friends.

It is a big day in our household. Clark is going to be a big boy now and start school in a couple of days. What am I going to do while he is at school all day!?

Mom spends less time at home now, but she does try and make it to the birthdays. I think having toddlers underfoot all day is starting to get to her now that dad is no longer here.

We were a little worried when Clark first grew up because his eyes seemed to be stuck looking in together, but it eventually righted itself after a good nights sleep.

Of course Hugh and I didn't get a good nights sleep, seems Clark birthday was also when I was due; I really need to start keeping a calender so this kind of thing doesn't surprise me.

Of course the biggest surprise was that we had twins, Martha and Lara and they are both beautiful and healthy.

Author's note: Who in the heck left the kid's station on all day. That must have been how this happened because I almost never get twins any other way. Stupid stereo, who changed the channel!

Martha rolled Absent-Minded and Loner (that should be fun)
Lara rolled Excitable and Athletic

I was so tired when we left the hospital, I am not sure how we are going to take care of so many babies.

But Hugh came to the rescue and hired a babysitter. I had a Hugh as a babysitter and I turned out fine so I decided getting a little help from an outside source wasn't too bad. Besides, it gave me a chance to sleep.

Have I mentioned what a good boy Clark is, he always does his homework the minute he gets home with no prodding from us.

We also hired a maid; once dad was gone no one was cleaning everyday.

Of course, it wasn't long after the twins were born (same day and they were born at night!) that Hugh and I were hoping for one more.

Author's note: Since I patched the game I decided to also download all of the free stuff on The Sims 3 store, I love this bookcase, I want one in real life, and I want it in Yellow because it is my favorite color.

The babysitter almost lives here now because we call her over so much.

Author's note: She was there during the breeding of what will most likely be the last baby and it looks like she is thinking, "what the heck people, you just had twins and they aren't even toddlers yet."


Of course, I ended up pregnant again.

The twins birthday came up and everyone was excited, even Clark got in on the fun.



When we were not trying to help the babies with their skills they spent a lot of time bonding over the play table we had gotten for Clark.

And then it was time for the last baby, I am a little sad we won't be having any more.

Author's note: I'm not!

We had a baby boy Christopher, he is so beautiful.

Author's note: I have to admit, I secretly wanted twin boys because the other one would have been named Reeve in honor of the man who I most recognize as playing Superman and is one of my heros, but Christopher filled the house. By the way, Martha and Lara are names from the Superman universe as well, cookies to anyone who can identify them.

Christopher rolled Artistic and Evil (I almost changed it but then decided, that is just part of playing a legacy).

Then it was time for Lois' birthday; they grow so quickly, why can't I have more!!!
Wow, five kids! Good luck with taking care of that many. :) Martha and Lara are adorable in that picture of them playing with the activity table, by the way.
I also like how you did this week with the two different views again because it is nice to see the legacy from different angles.
Yeah, I wasn't planning on more than two when they first started, but Hugh has the family trait and the flirty trait and it seems to be causing Belle to roll some major family wants as well. It is like a never ending WooHoo fest in that house between Belle and Hugh because they just cannot stay away from each other. Most of the time I don't even know she has gotten pregnant until she starts throwing up because I had to turn off the music in the game since every time I turn off the stereo someone turns it back on so the chime doesn't play. I guess I could have just done WooHoo instead of Try for Baby every time, but I have always had a personal rule that any WooHoo has to be Try for Baby, but normally my Sims are not this fertile and they don't have that treatment.

I was glad I was able to write from multiple points of view again. I like it when my Sims talk to me, that is totally normal to think your Sims are talking to your isn't it? I guess it just shows how attached I have gotten to my Sims that I want to give all of them voices and have them talk about what they think of all of the different events.
I imagine my sims as having a voice when I am playing to, so yeah, I would say it is normal.