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So this week's post will be in three posts because there were so many pictures and there was so much going on. The first post also shows the return of Amy's journal because she finally started talking to me again, but this time as the smack talking granny; I actually had to reel her in some because some of the lines she was throwing me would have raised the rating of this blog.

But I can never stop loving Amy, who would have thought a child hating, marriage avoiding, outdoor loathing woman could start such a successful legacy (hey, generation three was born, I consider that successful because I usually don't make it this long in the game.) I'm hoping she last long enough to see everyone make it to at least the child stage, although I am not sure if she will survive to see them all hit teen since she is somewhere around 78/79 days old by the end of this week.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven't posted in a while. I am sure my counselor as long since passed away so I don't think taking a break is going to get me in any trouble.

I guess it has just been such an intense couple of weeks I didn't really feel ready to post. First Belle got married to Hugh and then shock of all shocks, Stiles actually wanted to be part of the family and so I married him because I have been in love with him the whole time. Then just one week later, he was gone, I knew he was older than me, but I didn't expect our time together to be so short.

Since then Belle and Hugh seem to have decided to breed enough kids to populate their own town. Here is a picture I found of Belle and Hugh in a rare moment when she wasn't pregnant. They have promised me no more after the last pregnancy, but they can't seem to keep their hands off each other. In a way I am glad they are so happy together, I was worried she would be like me after having gone through so much of her life without her father around, glad that wasn't the case.

So now I spend as much time as possible outside of the house because of all the children.

Don't get me wrong, I love them, I just can't take being around them 24/7 like Belle and Hugh are.

Besides, I got things to do, stuff I didn't/couldn't do while I was raising Belle and trying to reach the top of the charts. I have been buying partnerships in every business I can afford, like the Bistro here; I had never even eaten her before.

I also bought a partnership in the Spa. With Belle and Hugh trapped at home with so many kids they will need all of the long term income they can get so I consider this, investing in my grandkids futures.

I also got a tattoo ;-) Don't look at me funny, all rock stars have tattoos. Besides, it is just a butterfly on my back where the grandkids won't see it.

I guess the improvement in mood came at the beginning of the week when I thought I saw Stiles in the backyard. No, I know I saw Stiles in the backyard. People may think I am crazy, but seeing him brought me an inner peace like you hear about in those meditation videos.

I started spending a lot of time outside at night so I could see my Stiles.

Someday, someday we will be together again.

I still put in sometime playing for the masses, stupid police officer there for protection, I keep worrying he is going to realize that on the days I am not preforming are the days that there are robberies in the neighborhood.

I also met someone unexpected. This hot-head is Stile's ex-wife.

I look way hotter than she does.
Haha. I love Amy. She is definitely the smack-talking granny. =P I think it is cute that she got to see Stile's ghost, but also really sad.
Meeting your recently deceased husband's ex-wife would be so awkward.
I'm really glad Amy started coming back to life again after Stiles passed away. I think she really did just sort of stop living life for a while because she was so devastated. I would try and do things to make her happy but her heart just wasn't in it. Once I started sending her out every day she seemed to perk back up.

I actually cried when she and Stile reunited in the backyard next to his headstone, you could see the love pouring out all over the place. I really think if Stiles hadn't ended up with someone else when they were younger Amy would have eventually rolled the marriage want much earlier.

I didn't even realize that lady was Stile's ex-wife until I looked at the moodlets panel and saw the revenge moodlet from being in the presence of one's enemy. Then I looked in her relationship panel and it actually said it was Stile's ex which I also didn't realize it would do that either. I am seriously considering having Amy go over to her home and steal stuff from outside because she keeps rolling the want to steal stuff.
That would be hilarious. :)