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 ...I decided to cut down my Friend list on facebook and take out all of the random people that have nothing to do with being related to me or people I know from The Sims.  Of course, I am a little worried I might have taken a few people off I didn't mean to from the LiveJournal friends because I can't always remember whose name matches up to which LiveJournal friend and because I have a hard time following the row across from the names so I know I unfriended at least one person by accident.

I am putting my facebook page link up again (I think it is set to allow people to send friend requests to me) http://www.facebook.com/eppy.sleep and so if you have a facebook page and you want to be facebook friends, send a request and I will add.  I don't expect to be playing any facebook games other than this one garden game that takes about 1 minute out of each day and I am not sending requests to anyone from that other than Kevin since he plays as well, so you don't need to worry about getting random requests from me for games you don't play.  I am using this more now for posting random stuff going on in the Legacy in-between posts.

I am also including a link to my YouTube Channel.  I don't have any videos uploaded yet, but I have been using it to favorite music I like.  I am hoping to eventually upload Sims videos and videos of my cats or the birds in the backyard.  So I am still learning how to use this, I have no idea how to friend, but I see a friends list so I am posting the link.

Ya didn't delete me, I'm still there ;-)

I got really tired of the fb games. I ended up blocking requests from most of them. They were just getting too tedious and ridiculous.
Yeah! I also found I got tired of them and I also have issues with some of Zynga's practices as a company. The stress of trying to help everyone/do all of the gift requests, and things being on a realtime schedule just doesn't work when you have migraines and nerve pain that randomly attacks different areas and so after considering everything I decided it just wasn't worth it to keep up the facebook games anymore. I thought I might go back after a while and if the company my brother-in-law's works for releases another game I will probably play it for a couple weeks and then leave (like I did with their first one) but I am not going to try and have lots of neighbors like some games want you to have.
Zynga are a bunch of assholes. I used to log on to the message boards at their website just to stir it up because they are such jerks.

I started The Deadliest Catch game, but I think my crabs are probably dead since the last time I checked it. I just tried it because I like the show.

Keeping up with peoples gifts and request was such a pain. I have much better things that I could be enjoying.
I'm still there so it's all good as far as I'm concerned :) I gave up on all FB games a couple of months ago and while it was hard to disengage at the beginning, once I had blocked all games and all requests I felt this huge sense of relief. I could suddenly play Sims and spend extra time with my kids instead of checking whether some stupid virtual crop had matured and was about to expire.

Also sent you a friend invite on YouTube and subscribed to your channel. My YouTube is not exactly exciting, with just a couple of Sims 3 videos you would have seen by now. I don't really update it but would love to see what you upload.
Yes, I think even my cats are happy that I stopped because Edmon would always try and lay on the keyboard or mouse when I was attempting to play, although he doesn't seem to mind me playing The Sims as much, probably because I only play for a short time even time I load the game (I can't even get through a whole day in one go).

Thank you for the YouTube friend invite. I can't remember how I ended up with an account, but I keep trying to find something worthy of an upload. I am currently trying to find a video of a bird I took with our camera that was taking a bath and throwing water over a foot in every direction.
I felt quite a sense a relief when I gave up Facebook games. They are just such time wasters, and you really don't even get anything out of them.
I know, I am often amazed by all of the people who complain about the games not giving them everything for free while other people complain about people getting stuff for free that they paid real money for. I don't think there really is a win for anyone when it comes to these games. I do think I benefitted from a higher level of social activities through playing the games, but after a while we decided the stress of the actual game was more of a disadvantage than the advantages gained from having more social interactions.

I am attempting to put in more time on boolprop forums to make up for some of the lack of social activity.
the games are getting much less fun and much more demanding. there's always something new to build or some new quest to finish and if i didn't think i'd regret it, i'd block everything. for now, i'm trying to curtail my playing.
I tried cutting back, but I have a hard time deciding what is too much and what is just right (and you are right about the building and quests, man I really don't like quests). I did feel guilty for a while after blocking everything, but it only lasted for a while and now I am glad I did.