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We are to week 8 and man did a lot happen so this is a huge post and next week will most likely be large as well with a possibility of three birthdays coming up. There are 46 pictures in this post, I normally try and do no more than 30 just due to load times and scrolling issues so please let me know if you feel this is too many in one post so I know whether I need to start breaking up the weeks more or more editing down of the number of photos.

Based on how this week went I think Amy has stopped speaking in my head, but hopefully an heir will make themselves known to me soon; I don't think I could write from all of the children's perspectives and keep the posts short or I would end up with several posts for each week, one from each perspective, which is an idea and may happen if I can't decide how I want to write this once they start being old enough to talk!

For now, this whole post is from the perspective of Belle because she was literally shouting in my head while I played telling me what to say; is that weird?

As a baby I don't think Clark ever got put down once.

Dad made a particular effort to be as much a part of Clark's life as he could.

He also spent as much time as possible with mom, I don't think she has gone to work once since got married.

He keeps telling her he is sorry for wasting so much time with his first wife and she keeps telling him it is okay. For someone who was so against marriage as my mom once was, I have never seen her happier.

Not long after Clark was born I found out I was pregnant again. I do not have easy pregnancies like some people do so I spent most of the first day in the bathroom.

Hugh has been great; he doesn't really have a career that he has always dreamed of being in and he loves children so much, so we decided that at least for now, he could be a stay at home dad. It takes a lot of the stress off of me while I am pregnant.

Once I was able to confirm that I was pregnant I told Hugh and he could not have been happier.

This is the only picture from Clark's first birthday, sorry, we are still getting used to the new house and probably will need to expand again in a week or two given how tight the space is in the kitchen.

But this is little Clark, he is such a cutie-pie.

Dad continued to try and spend as much time with Clark as possible, he said he wanted to be as much a part of Clark's life as he could.

He always made sure to feed Clark if he got even the least bit fussy.

And he was the first one to start the potty training for Clark.

I think the only time someone wasn't working with Clark on skills was when he was asleep and even then we had a problem with grandparents going in and snuggling him all the time.

Mom even got in on the training. She said, "I have done it before, I can do it again."

Author's note: Amy still rarely shows the disliking children moddlet, it shows up on occasion, but most of the time, even with Clark right there, she is happy as a clam.

I think everyone was part of potty training duty, not that anyone seemed to mind.

I started working on my desire to master painting, another good reason for Hugh to be a stay at home dad.

Hugh spent a lot of time working on teaching Clark how to talk.

We had some extra money saved up so I got a computer desk and computer to work on my writing. We should probably get a second one because I am constantly finding everyone else on it.

And before anyone questions my parenting, yes, I too took part in helping to raise Clark, it is just harder for me to work with him because of my expanding belly.

A rare moment when Clark wasn't in someone's arms.

Hugh took most of the training as far as teaching Clark to walk went.

I think if dad had had his way, Clark would have never touched the floor.

He also managed to be the one to finish the potty training even though all of us were trying to be the one to get that one finished.

Hugh was determined to be the one to teach Clark to walk.

Then came little Lois; dad bonded with her instantly.

*Cookies to anyone who saw that name coming a mile away*

Unfortunately on the same day Lois was born my dad passed away.

Everyone was home and everyone was very upset about it...

.. everyone, except dad it seemed; I guess he had made peace with his past and felt he did everything he could to make up for it.

The rest of us on the other hand could not stop crying.

I found this weird device that says it can cure any bad mood, so I gave it a try. While we will never forget dad, it did help us be able to continue raising Lois and Clark because we weren't crying every 20 seconds.

Dad was buried at the far corner of the yard with a great ocean view. He loved the outdoors and we thought it a fitting place for him to rest.

"Here lies Stiles, wonderful husband, father, and grandfather."

I think in the end everyone had forgiven him for how he had been in the past, even me, the most bitter one of all. He was my dad and no matter what his faults may have been, I will never get another one, so I am glad that I had the chance to actually get to know him and my mom was right, I think I would have regretted it if he had died without me having had the chance to forgive him.

He was 93/94 days old.

Lois of course didn't realize anything was going on.

She rolled Clumsy and Couch Potato, great :- (

Mom kind of went a little numb after dad died. She still helped with taking care of the babies, her heart just doesn't seem to be in it though.

She has also taken to having the occasional drink, which isn't a big deal, she doesn't do it every day, and she tries to make sure it is after both kids have been put to bed.

But life goes on; I am on my second book, the first went over fairly well.

Hugh is still trying to figure out what to do with himself once the kids are bigger and don't need him for everything they do. He has been eyeing the garden so I think he may try and take that over from mom, give her a break because she spends a lot of time out there.

We have managed to save up enough money to buy a partnership in the grocery and the bookstore (the bookstore was actually bought last week, but I think I forgot to mention it).

I have also quit my job to work on the writing and painting full time and take care of my children. Without dad around there just never seems to be enough hands for both of them.

One night while I was painting I had this really odd feeling...

...I don't know what it was, but I could have sworn someone was out there with me.

Mom has slowly started going back to work, I guess it helps her take her mind off dad. Her manager set up an autograph signing and it looks like half the town showed up and this was just the first wave of people she said.

Without dad around Lois birthday was a little less festive, although mom and Hugh tried really hard to make up for it.

Of course it also didn't help that I wasn't feeling good for some reason.

But my little angle grew up beautifully. She has her father's eyes :-)

I then found out that I was expecting again. I was not planning on having three children, but I guess that is the risk you take when you and your husband can't keep your hands off each other in bed ;-) Fortunately by the time this little one is born Clark should be a child so that will help, but still, three children, we will definitely need to expand again.
Three children! That should be a handful. :) Clark and Lois are adorable and I love that their names are related to each other.
I am glad that Stiles got to get to know his family better and become an actual dad before he died.
I had asked Kevin what to name the first child and he asked me if it was supposed to be a serious name or a goofy one and I said serious and so he picked Clark. Once that was done the only other name I could think of for a girl was Lois (man I hope they grow up to be best friends). Since the third pregnancy we have been trying to come up with names for the next one but so far all I have are boy names; there are a lot of boys but not so many girls in Superman so we shall see, I may be doing last second searching of the internet, then again I could always just watch the first Superman movie again, one of my favorites.

I am really glad Stiles was able to come around and be a part of the family, that had always bothered me and I think it changed the tone of the Legacy from what I had intended as a light-hearted Legacy to this, very heavy I will over come any obstacle type story. It was my own fault for having a founder with commitment issues, but usually when someone is friends with someone else they won't stop calling and Amy's phone never rang and the only four people she knew where the people from work and he was one of them.

Hugh called Belle all of the time and they were in two different age groups so even though it wasn't what I planned, I ran with it. I am really hoping that the chapters will lighten up some soon (I may write from Clark's perspective just because it won't be so heavy) but Amy is depressing me because even with the mood cure thing she has been just heart-broken ever since Stiles died and I really want to find a way to lighten the mood some. Belle has always been such a heavy in in thought person even as a child she was never really funny or light-hearted. She is a hot-head which is probably why she rarely smiles, but she has only once actually complained to someone about something so despite everything I think even the programing knows that she is trying to over come that.

I'm kind of looking forward to Lois as an heir since she is a Clumsy/Couch Potato, I think I could do something with that, but we will see if the next baby is a boy or a girl, and if it is a girl, if it has a more interesting trait combination. Not sure if I will do a poll, depends on how hard the decision is and if I even need to (baby hasn't been born yet so I don't know what gender it will be).

Oh how Legacies can take over our lives and fill our brains.